The 10 Best NFT Newsletters For Web3 Facts and Fun

Looking for the best NFT newsletters for the latest top stories and drop alerts in Web3 right now? Look no further: We have compiled the only list you need for finding daily NFT news from global websites and top NFT communities. Whether you bought an NFT lately, or are looking to invest, these top 10 NFT newsletters will help you keep on top of what’s happening in the industry.

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Here’s the ultimate NFT newsletter guide! Credit: Freepik

For an ever-evolving industry like Web3, keeping up with all the latest news can be daunting. Be it a new NFT project drop, the latest market analysis, the trending NFT games, blockchain technology updates, or even some NFT Twitter drama (we are not judging)—there’s something always happening in the NFT space. On top of that, you must constantly educate yourself about industry best practices—how to keep your NFTs safe, for example. To be sure, Twitter and Discord are great places for NFT alpha. But, the idea of keeping a tab on hundreds of Twitter accounts and Discord servers in itself is cumbersome. More importantly, how can you be sure of the authenticity of the news you get on these platforms? This is why NFT newsletters are the best way to keep yourself updated with the latest information. 

In recent years, industry experts have launched a slew of NFT newsletters catering to beginners, NFT veterans, and everyone in between. With a single click of a button, you can subscribe to these newsletters and get them delivered to your inbox, free of cost. In other words, you no longer have to go hunting for the latest NFT information; they come straight to your inbox!

The Best NFT Newsletters Of All Time

1. To The Moon – NFT Evening

Our very own, newly revamped, ‘To The Moon’ NFT newsletter is everything you need to stay updated and well ahead of the game. Created with the goal to make your NFT journey easier, ‘To The Moon’ delivers accessible and entertaining content daily from Monday to Friday. From the latest NFT news to the biggest 24-hour floor change index, artist recommendations, and the meme of the day, it has everything you need. Best part? All of this will take just five minutes of your time!

to the moon NFT evening newsletter market index

To the Moon offers great market insights.

‘To The Moon’ NFT newsletter is trusted by over 25,000 subscribers and comes from the team leading one of the biggest, independent NFT news publications (yes, that’s us). Meaning, the newsletter also offers links to a host of NFT guides to help you navigate the space. We also have some market reports exclusively developed for our newsletter subscribers! So, sit back, relax, and join us for the ride to the moon (Would not recommend sipping a drink while at it as our newsletter writers can be quite sassy *wink wink*).

2. The Milk Road

If you are looking for the latest Web3 updates and investing tips, then Milk Road is a great choice. Delivered to your inbox daily, it breaks down the latest news and launches into a simple, easy-to-understand format. Besides, they give a quick update on the crypto market statistics, which is useful if you want to know how coins like ETH and BTC are performing. What’s more, they claim to have 225,000 subscribers.

3. Metaversal

From NFTs and digital art to the metaverse, Metaversal is one of the leading NFT newsletters that cover it all. It was launched over two years ago by Bankless, a website offering a host of NFT, DeFi, and crypto resources. The weekly Metaversal newsletter provides in-depth industry analysis on a range of topics, making it one of the go-to newsletters for Web3 enthusiasts. More importantly, it often covers topics that the mainstream media misses. Today, the newsletter boasts over 120,000 subscribers. 

Metaversal NFT newsletters

A look at some of the recent issues from Metaversal.

Best NFT Newsletters From Industry Leaders

1. ZenDaily

NFT influencer, Roy, aka Zeneca, needs no introduction. A veteran NFT trader, he’s also the founder of Zen Academy, which brings together community members to share, create, and build together. He recently launched a daily NFT newsletter, ZenDaily. The five-minute read is packed with the latest NFT news, important market trends, trending collections, daily volumes, the latest project updates, and more. Overall, it’s short and condensed and gives you a quick look at the most important NFT updates.

2. ZenCaps

Launched about 9 months ago, this is a weekly newsletter from Zeneca’s Zen Academy. Compared to ZenDaily, ZenCaps is more detailed and offers the most important recap of the week. A significant and extremely useful feature of the newsletter is the “Tip of the Week”, which offers NFT educational material for beginners. It also has a ZenAcademy and 333 Club Noticeboard that details all the community updates and upcoming events, which will be useful for members. Besides, it links to news from some of the best global publications, making it easy for you to learn more. 

Zencaps from Zen Academy

ZenCaps is a great choice for weekly updates.

3. Loop News by Loopify

Artist turned collector Loopify is the brains behind the Loop News newsletter. It is perfect for those looking for in-depth analysis and NFT guides. In essence, Loopify breaks down important NFT topics into simple concepts that everyone can easily understand. For example, his recent newsletter was an introduction to NFTs, covering all the basics from what an NFT and metaverse are to their many nuances.

4. The HUG

In its own words, HUG “is an inclusive social curation platform that helps you discover and share hug-worthy creators and communities.” Founded by Randi Zuckerberg and Debbie Soon, the platform focuses on making the Web3 space more inclusive. It offers a range of resources, including a community review platform, educational programs, mentorship opportunities, and more. Naturally, its newsletter focuses on the same principles and gives you updates from a range of Web3 projects. It also gives an insight into what the HUG community has been up to.

HUG newsletter

The HUG’s primary focus is inclusivity. Credit: HUG

5. Rug Radio

Helmed by a host of Web3 veterans, Rug Radio is the first completely-decentralized media platform in the space. It was founded by Farokh Sarmad, an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and one of the most influential figures in the NFT space. Rug Radio recently launched its weekly newsletter packed with all the top Web3 news, crypto market summary, and Rug Radio updates, among others. If you need weekly insights from the industry’s best, you know where to go! 

The Best Blockchain Game Newsletters

1. Play to Earn Online

Play to Earn Online Magazine’s weekly blockchain games newsletter is your one-stop shop for all blockchain gaming-related news. It also covers NFTs, GameFi, crypto, and play-to-earn. Whether you are into action games, Esports, MMORPGs, racing games, or RPGs, the newsletter has something for everyone. What’s more, it offers the latest information about games from across blockchains, be it Ethereum, Solano, Flow, or others. Launched three years ago, the newsletter drops every Friday.

2. BlackPool

BlackPool is the first decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) focusing on NFT gaming and trading. Needless to say, its weekly newsletter caters to the blockchain gaming community and covers the latest developments in the space. Their content is short, simplified, and presents only the most important points. In other words, it’s perfect for someone looking for quick updates from the blockchain gaming world. 

Blackpool blockchain gaming

BlackPool is an excellent choice for blockchain gaming enthusiasts. Credit: Blackpool

While we have covered the top 10 NFT newsletters, there are plenty more catering to different niches in the NFT industry. Ultimately, finding the right newsletter that fits your personal goals and interests may require some trial and error. The good news is that you’ll probably never run out of options! Finally, if reading isn’t your cup of tea, we have also curated a list of the best NFT podcasts for you. On that note, some of the above-mentioned newsletters also release podcasts and other forms of content. Make sure to check it all out!


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