NFT.NYC 2022: The Ultimate Guide

After three successful editions, NFT.NYC 2022, one of the biggest NFT events in the world, is all set to kick off this week. The fourth annual edition of the much-anticipated event will take place from June 20 to 23 in New York City. With 1,500 speakers and over 14,000 attendees, NFT.NYC 2022 will see the who’s who of the industry coming together for panels, fireside chats, pop-up events, and more. 

So let’s dive right in: What is NFT.NYC 2022 and what are the events you should not miss this year?

NFT.NYC 2022 billboards at Times Square, New York

NFT.NYC 2022 kickstarts on June 20!

What is NFT.NYC 2022?

NFT.NYC 2022 is the fourth edition of NFT.NYC, the leading and most coveted annual NFT community event. It was founded by Jodee Rich and Cameron Bale in 2018. Since its inaugural conference in February 2019, NFT.NYC has been bringing together artists, brands, developers, entrepreneurs, gamers, collectors, and more from the NFT space. 

The 2022 edition of NFT.NYC will celebrate the diversity of NFTs in over 16 sectors, such as art, film, sustainability, and sports. While last year’s event saw 5,600 participants, this year the numbers are expected to reach 15,000. What’s more, over 1,500 speakers are set to grace the event.

This includes Coinbase’s Alex Mo, artist Amber Vittoria, Sorare’s Brian O’Hagan, and World of Women’s Yam Karkai, to name a few. Moreover, NFTevening co-founder, Théo Sastre-Garau is also one of the featured speakers!

Where Will NFT.NYC 2022 Be Held?

NFT.NYC 2022 will take place across seven venues in Times Square, New York City. These are:

  1. Radio City Music Hall
  2. New York Marriott Marquis
  3. Palladium Times Square
  4. The Edison Ballroom
  5. The Edison Rooftop
  6. The Town Hall
  7. Margaritaville Resort Times Square

Events You Can’t Miss During NFT.NYC 2022

From exclusive NFT community events to art galleries, tournaments, parties, panels, and more, there is much to see and take part in at NFT.NYC 2022. With too many events slated to take place this week, it can be daunting to find the right events and activations for you. So we have curated a list of some of the most exciting events and festivities for you!

NFT.NYC 2022: Day 1 (June 20)

NFT.NYC VIP and Speaker Dinner

The event will host an exclusive dinner for VIP ticket holders and approved speakers at Marriott Marquis Times Square. The Bored Ape duo, ESCAPEPLAN is slated to perform during the dinner. 

ApeFest: The Most Awaited NFT.NYC 2022 Event

The much-awaited ApeFest by the Bored Ape Yacht Club will run from June 20 to 23 at Pier 17, an indoor/outdoor waterfront facility at 89 South Street. It is the coveted annual festival for BAYC and MAYC holders. Attendees can expect merch pop-ups, galleries, an open bar, and live performances during the fest.

ApeFest poster

ApeFest is back with its second edition!

Stradivarius Violin NFTs Exhibition

NFT Classics Society will drop the first-ever Stradivarius Violin NFTs during NFT.NYC. The Cobbett Stradivarius Violin NFT collection features images of a 1683 violin made in Cremona by Antonio Stradivari, the “Cobbett”. It will also feature a performance of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Chaconne on the violin.

MeebitsDAO Brunch

The MeebitsDAO will host a brunch at Chelsea Piers Café, Bluestone Lane on day 1 of NFT.NYC 2022. While the ticket cost $55, it is now sold out. 

Nifty Gateway x Cyberbrokers Cosplay Party

Love cosplay parties? Then don’t miss the private event hosted by Nifty Gateway and Cyberbrokers! The event at 52 Mercer will have a special presentation by Brendan Murphy and Jason Seife. A DJ set by Matt Medved is also included!

Nifty Gateway x Cyberbrokers NFT.NYC party poster

Nifty Gateway x Cyberbrokers is hosting a Cosplay party.

Drug Receipts’ Drop at FLUF Social by FLUF Haus

The art project, Drug Receipts will debut an apparel drop at the FLUF Social by FLUF Haus taking place at SPiN New York in Manhattan. The drop will include physical hoodies featuring signature Drug Receipts designs and 3D metaverse-ready wearables.

Music NFT Meetup

Music NFT Meetup is the premier gathering of leading figures in the music NFT space at Daylight Studio. The meetup will feature panels as well as live performances by Cyn Santana, Monifah, Sammy Arriaga, and Pip. Moreover, Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur, Ashanti will speak at the event. 

Music NFT Meetup poster

Music NFT fans should keep Music NFT Meetup on their radar!

NFT.NYC 2022: Day 2 (June 21)

Cool Cats Cooltopia Event

Starting June 21, the Cool Cats NFT project will host an IRL Cooltopia event at NFT.NYC 2022. Held at Center415, the event will feature a fully immersive version of its Cooltopia game. The experience is open to both Cool Cats holders and other attendees at no extra cost.

Cool Cats Cooltopia game poster

Here’s your chance to experience the Cooltopia game IRL. Credit: Cool Cats

2nd Annual NFT Awards

In partnership with ​​OpenSea, APENFT, and NFT.Kred, NFT.NYC will host the 2nd Annual NFT Awards. The award recognises the top NFT leaders, projects, and companies across categories such as gaming, marketplaces, news coverage, and more. NFTevening has also been nominated for an award for ‘Best Written Coverage of NFTs’!

Playhouse @ NFT.NYC In Partnership with HerHouse

From June 21-23, web3 social platform Playground will host Playhouse @ NFT.NYC in partnership with HerHouse, creating a safe space for women at the conference. Events include a party for Animoca Brands, a panel featuring angel investor and HBFIT Founder Hannah Bronfman, live podcast recordings and more.

DeadFellaz NFT VIP Event

The DeadFellaz NFT collection will host an exclusive VIP event at NFT.NYC, sponsored by Props Labs. The immersive experience will include IRL activations, special performances, live music, and merchandise drops! The event at Elsewhere, Brooklyn will be headlined by Afro-Latina NYC native, Princess Nokia.

Deadfellaz Horde NFT.NYC party poster in neon pink

Get ready to party with the Deadfellaz Horde at NFT.NYC!

Doodles Trailer Premiere

Hit NFT project, Doodles will host a launch event, complete with a trailer premiere and after-party on June 21. Furthermore, the project will host new IRL experiences and other activations during the remaining days of NFT.NYC 2022.

Three Days LVCIDIA Activation by FVCKRENDER 

Popular crypto artist, FVCKRENDER will host a physical exhibition of his hit LVCIDIA metaverse project. Starting June 21, the project will be on display at Studio 525 as a virtual gallery. What’s more, Steve Aoki, TOKiMONSTA, and The Holy will be performing at the event.


FVCKRENDER is hosting a virtual gallery. Credit: FVCKRENDER

NFT.NYC 2022: Day 3 (June 22)

Three Days with Rug Radio

Rug Radio is hosting a string of events during NFT.NYC 2022 from June 20 to 22. This includes a Cocktails and Art exhibit at Superchief Gallery for Rug Radio NFT holders on June 22.

PROOF of Moonbirds Party

Join Moonbirds for an exciting evening of “bites, bevies, magic, and music” at Webster Hall. For now, registration is only open for Moonbirds holders.

Brick x Ledger Op3n Afterparty

Ledger Op3n, a biannual event held in New York City, is making its NFT.NYC debut in 2022. Created in partnership with Brick, the invite-only event will take place at House of X.

Ledger Op3n and Brick

Ledger Op3n and Brick are coming together for an afterparty.

NFT.NYC 2022: Day 4 (June 23)

NFT.NYC 2022 Diversity of NFTs Art Collection

Throughout the four-day event, NFT.NYC will display the “Diversity of NFTs” art collection on a Times Square billboard and at the Marriott Hotel. Created in partnership with 221 community artists, the collection celebrates emerging artists.

Spotlight, an in-person NFT Exhibition by 1stDibs  

1stDibs will present an in-person NFT exhibition, called “Spotlight” in Tribeca’s 368 Studio. Curated by crypto artist Ryan Hawthorne, the exhibition will showcase works by 16 artists and will be live on June 23 and June 24.

GutterNYCity Party by Gutter Cat Gang

The Gutter Cat Gang can join the GutterNYCity party for an immersive experience rife with Gutter-themed festivities. The party will include food and drinks, music, event-exclusive merch, and more. It will take place at 14 West 24th Street.

Gutter Cat Gang event list

Gutter Cat Gang has planned a slew of events for NFT.NYC 2022.

Three Days Edible NFT Food Hunt 

8it, the food hunting mobile app is bringing the first citywide “eat to earn” Edible NFT Food Hunt to NFT.NYC. Essentially, you can collect limited edition “Edible” NFTs across the city to earn points and prizes. The event will feature limited-time specials and exclusive dish collabs, including with Off Limits Cereal and The Hundreds.


The makers of the Zora NFT protocol are bringing “art, music, swag, and free food” to NFT.NYC. Held at the Knockdown Center, this is your chance to be part of some “vibe sessions” complete with yoga, brunch, music, and art. While the main ZORATOPIA events will happen on June 23, Zora has several IRL events planned for June 21 and 22. On June 23rd, you can enjoy the performances by Tokimonsta, Mick Jenkins, Latashá, Haleek Maul, and Iman Europe, among others. 


Join ZORATOPIA for art, music, swag, and free food!

Wow x Madonna at NFT.NYC

The iconic singer, Madonna will perform at the World of Women NYC party on June 23 to celebrate Pride Month. The party will be free for all WoW and WoWG holders.

All things considered, there is something for everyone at NFT.NYC 2022. Amid the lows of the current bear market, the highly anticipated event will hopefully bring the Web3 spirit alive. 

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