NFT NYC Sends Attendees Home With Covid-19

NFT NYC event

The NFT NYC conference last week was a huge success, but now many attendees are testing positive for Covid-19. The three-day event occurred in New York from June 20th to June 23rd. It was the fourth annual NFT industry event, and NFT and crypto fans from all over the world turned up to take part.

NFT NYC event

NFT NYC was a huge success but many attendees left with more than they bargained for.

Covid spreads at NFT NYC

It has now been almost a week since the NFT NYC event, and Covid-19 is still the hot topic. The NFT community has been referring to the virus as a covid airdrop. This year’s event attracted over fifteen thousand people. What’s more, there were parties, guest stars, giveaways and some fantastic events to attend. 

Whereas in previous years at NFT NYC, there were restrictions and strict laws in place, there was hardly any this year. Because of this and a rise in Covid-19 cases worldwide, people have caught the virus at the event.

One user, @evantan, asked the lighthearted question, “If the NFT covid is a new strain, what should its name be?” However, not everyone is in the mood for jokes. @Lucanetz said, “Out of all the times I’ve caught COVID, this NFT NYC strain is 100% the worst.”

The ‘Superbowl’ of NFT events

Despite the covid-19 outbreak at NFT NYC, it continues to grow in size and popularity. Next year promises to be even bigger! The 2022 event was the biggest yet, and plans are already rolling for the 2023 NYC event. Taking place in one of the most iconic cities in the world, it is an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded people in the NFT industry.

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