NFT NYC Was The Top NFT Event Of 2022: Here’s What You Missed

DeadFellaz party at NFT.NYC

We are now a week past NFT NYC, the biggest NFT event of 2022. Fortunately, the banner event for the NFT community was a resounding success, with attendees, speakers and event hosts all giving glowing feedback on the conference.

So what were some of the biggest highlights of NFT NYC? We take a look at what NFTs’ biggest names were up to in New York City between June 20th and June 23rd.

DeadFellaz party at NFT.NYC

DeadFellaz and other top NFT projects showed out in New York City last week. Credit: DeadFellaz

PFP parties steal the show at NFT NYC

Now in its fourth year, NFT NYC has grown so large that some have gone as far as to dub it “The Super Bowl of NFTs”. The more than 15,000 attendees had a chance to hear from over 1,500 speakers in historic venues across New York City.

Even so, the main attraction of the event turned out to be some of the epic parties and activations hosted by the biggest brands in NFTs. Indeed, there was a steady stream of FOMO-inducing footage flooding NFT Twitter throughout the four days of NFT NYC.

Here’s the rundown of the biggest parties of NFT NYC this year.

Crowd at ApeFest at NFT.NYC

The leading NFT project’s 4-day festival was a big hit – though that didn’t stop some Ape owners from complaining about the performers on Twitter. Credit: Bored Ape Yacht Club

ApeFest @ NFT NYC: The Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Marquee Event

After the success of last year’s event, and the unbelievable growth of BAYC over the past year, ApeFest 2022 was easily the most talked about event of NFT NYC. As a result, the second edition of ApeFest was bigger and better than the first.

This year’s ApeFest took place over four days at Pier 17. Demand was so high for BAYC and MAYC holders that Yuga Labs had to use a reservation system. That way as many holders as possible would be able to attend at least one of the days.

The event saw performances from Amy Schumer, Questlove, LCD Soundsystem, and Lil Baby, to name a few. In fact, famous Bored Ape holders Eminem and Snoop Dogg also took to the stage. Not only that, but the pair even debuted a brand new song and music video featuring their Bored Apes.

DeadFellaz creator Betty at the DeadFellaz party at NFT NYC

Many a selfie was taken with the beloved horde mother, Betty. Credit: DeadFellaz

The DeadFellaz party featured multiple Web3-native musicians

The DeadFellaz party at NFT NYC might have garnered the most buzz online after ApeFest. Attendees couldn’t have been more effusive in their praise of DFZ NYC.

The highlight of the event was the brilliant performances from web3 musicians Rhea Raj, Ed Balloon, Domino, and LATASHÁ. In addition, NYC-native rapper Princess Nokia headlined the party. Beyond great music and the “immaculate vibes” as described by one Twitter user, there were even Tarot readings and a flash tattoo studio set up.

To the major excitement of the horde, The DeadFellaz team was also in attendance. Including the powerhouse duo of founders, Betty and Psych.

Yam Karkai and Madonna at World of Women event at NFT NYC

WoW creator Yam Karkai with The Queen of Pop. Credit: World of Women

World of Women x Madonna Party

As part of its Pride Month celebration, World of Women’s NFT NYC party featured none other than music legend, Madonna. WoW announced the news a few weeks before its June 23rd party, which was free for WoW and WoW Galaxy holders.

Notably Madonna – herself a WoW holder – shares representation with Wow as both parties are repped by Guy Oseary.

Some of the biggest installations at NFT NYC

Ian C Rogers speaking at the Ledger Op3n

The Ledger Op3n saw a slew of news from the Web3 security experts.

Ledger Op3n @ NFT NYC

One of the biggest activations at NFT NYC came from web3 and crypto platform Ledger. Significantly, the company unveiled a ton of major news at its biannual Ledger Op3n conference. For example, Ledger announced that it will sunset its hugely popular Ledger Nano S line of hardware wallets.

However, the biggest piece of news from the Ledger camp was the brand new NFT marketplace that it is launching this summer. Given Ledger’s presence in the NFT space, the new platform is sure to make major waves on its arrival.

Doodles Activation at NFT NYC

Doodles marked their NFT NYC with some massive announcements. Credit: Doodles

Doodles expands on the growth of its brand

The Doodles activation at NFT NYC centered around the growth of the brand. After securing its spot as one of the most successful NFT projects ever, Doodles now has its sights set on becoming a globally renowned media brand. Its biggest move in this regard was the announcement of Pharrell Williams as Doodle’s new Chief Brand Officer.

Besides that, Doodles also teased its upcoming NFT collection, Doodles 2. All in all, the new project represents the expansion of the Doodles brand. As it grows, it is looking to bring a wider mainstream audience into its ecosystem.

Artist Clon standing next to upside down Blue Cat

Clon, the creator of the iconic Blue Cat, was present at Cooltopia NYC.

Cool Cats CooltopiaNYC

No stranger to big activations at major conferences, Cool Cats’ Cooltopia NYC event was a big hit for NFT NYC attendees. The super fun event featured a bunch of fun and interactive experiences, Cool Cats merch, and even a “History of Blue Cat” with Cool Cats co-founder and artist, Clon.


Regardless of some of the negative outcomes from NFT NYC, it is clear that the event lived up to its hype. Rather than sadness and commiseration around the current state of the NFT market, the event was a massive celebration. As much as the space is driven by online culture, NFT NYC is clear proof of the importance of live events and in-person connection in the NFT space.

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