NFT NYC’s 9dcc Treasure Hunt is on – Are You Ready?

Image of 3 people wearing different caps - pink, green, and black - for the 9dcc NFT NYC treasure hunt

gmoney announced yesterday that his luxury lifestyle brand 9dcc is holding a treasure hunt during NFT NYC.  The 9dcc Treasure Hunt will take place on April 12th and participants can win a variety of amazing prizes.  What do know about the event?

Image of 3 people wearing different caps - pink, green, and black - for the 9dcc NFT NYC treasure hunt

Get ready for the 9dcc treasure hunt! IMG credit: Matt Lejune

What Do We Know About 9dcc’s Treasure Hunt During NFT NYC?

The 9dcc treasure hunt will begin at a currently undisclosed bodega. From there, hunters will follow a trail of clues across NYC landmarks specially chosen by gmoney himself. As people find clues, they will need to check in at various locations to earn commemorative POAPs and pins from NYC-based artist Snuffy (while supplies last).

The 9dcc team will also be distributing the newest item from the luxury brand’s product line at the bodega. The ITERATION-03 is a luxury baseball cap and the third item introduced by 9dcc. Hunters must first sign up on Tokenproof to attend the event to have a chance of getting one of the hats. 9dcc expects a high turnout, however, and advises NFT NYC attendees to arrive early as the hat supply is limited.

The ITERATION-03 is made from luxury materials and comes equipped with 9dcc’s Networked Product technology.  The Networked Product technology allows the product owners to use a phone to scan a chip embroidered into the garment and generate an NFT to represent the item on the blockchain. By doing so, holders will be eligible to participate in future gamifications and events created by 9dcc.

The 9dcc website states that the chip, “tokenizes the 9dcc physical items – allowing the owner of the physical product to also own the corresponding digital asset. The IYK NFC chip is a new technology and as such, there may be opportunities to utilize it in the future with the objective of gamifying the in real life experience.”

The prize pool also includes a highly sought-after unminted Chromie Squiggle. Created by ArtBlocks founder Snowfro in Oct 2021, the Chromie Squiggle has become a symbol of generative art.  Unminted Squiggles are especially valuable.  They have the potential to reveal rare Squiggles worth hundreds, maybe even thousands, of ETH.

What is 9dcc?

9dcc is a luxury lifestyle brand native to the blockchain. CEO gmoney started the company to redefine “the way the fashion industry moves”. By applying NFT technology to luxury clothing, gmoney hopes to create unique experiences to connect the two worlds of crypto and fashion together.

image of gmoney pin 0 a pixelated monkey face wearing a red beanie

9dcc founder gmoney is a leading builder in the Web3 space
Image Credit: 9dcc

One recent example of this vision was last weekend’s “9dcc Word Guess” challenge.  Owners of 9dcc items were given exclusive access to a surprise Wordle-style game for a short 12-hour window of time. The winner of the game earned a large amount of 9dcc Network Points. 9dcc garment owners will be able to use Network Points to earn rewards and prizes in the future as the luxury brand continues to build its brand.

As the 9dcc Treasure Hunt and Word Guess challenge demonstrates, gmoney knows how to use gamification and fun IRL events to bring luxury into Web3.

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