NFT Phishing Takes Dark Twist: School Children Stealing Millions for Roblox Skins

Phishing scams and organized crime have always been present in the NFT Space. However, now, schoolchildren are reportedly phishing millions in NFTs for Roblox skins. Here’s everything you need to know.


  • Schoolchildren are phishing NFTs for Roblox skins, making millions in digital theft.
  • Phishing attackers exploit Discord servers and Twitter accounts, causing huge losses of NFTs and crypto.
  • Over 900 Discord servers have been targeted, with high school students under 18 being the primary culprits. Strengthening security measures is crucial to protect digital assets in the NFT community.
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Schoolkids Steal Millions Through NFT Phishing

NFT Phishing: From Schools to Scams

Shockingly, schoolchildren are now making millions by phishing NFTs for coveted Roblox skins. These young individuals have embarked on a spree of digital theft that is both astonishing and concerning.

Significantly, by exploiting compromised Discord servers and Twitter accounts, these school kids are executing phishing attacks. One incident involving the Ethereum-based bridging protocol Orbiter Finance highlighted how a fake journalist tricked Discord server moderators into handing over control. Therefore, this led to a phishing website that scammed users, leading to a loss of around $1 million in NFTs and crypto.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. Over 900 Discord servers have fallen victim to similar attacks since December 2021, with a recent surge in incidents. Just since June 1st, 46 Discord servers have been targeted, resulting in a collective loss of $73 million in stolen digital assets and tokens.

What’s more, the most alarming aspect is that an estimated 95% of these attackers are high school students under 18. Their involvement peaks during summer holidays when they have more free time. They use the stolen funds to buy laptops, phones, designer clothes, and Roblox skins while sharing their struggles with school.

The Web3 space is witnessing a dark twist as school kids steal millions through phishing for Roblox skins. These incidents serve as a reminder to enhance security measures within the NFT community. Stay vigilant and take action to protect your digital assets from these audacious young thieves.

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