NFT Tips: Here’s How To Identify The Next Blue-Chip NFT Project Expertly

Example NFTs from Blue Chip NFT project BAYC

Given the countless number of new NFT projects launching every day, it’s harder than ever to pick the right ones to buy. We all need our go-to tips and rarity tools to help find the blue-chip NFTs out of the masses.

Endlessly scrolling through Opensea is enough to do anyone’s head in! In this guide, we’re going to go over some of the tips and tricks that will help you find the most valuable projects early.

Example NFTs from Blue Chip NFT project BAYC

Along with CryptoPunks, The Bored Ape Yacht Club sits at the top of the NFT collectibles mountain. Credit: Opensea

Tips On Using Free Tools Vs. Paid Tools To Find Blue Chip NFTs

Firstly, it’s important to realize that you can find blue-chip NFTs just using free tools. Indeed, a lot of the NFT tips we’ll cover don’t need you to pay anything to use them.

While this may be true, there are a few subscription services that can help with buying NFTs. Though they might be a little too pricey if you’re just getting started.

As with most things, the services you pay for make it so you don’t have to put in as much work yourself. So in short, the best tools for you depend on your budget and how much time you have. So with all that said, let’s dive in!

Twitter And Discord Are The Go-To Places For NFT Tips and Info


The social media platform is the number one place to go for NFT tips. Without a doubt, it is where the NFT community lives and shares information. On the other hand, the amount of information on Twitter can be a bit overwhelming.

Not to mention that it can be hard to filter the good stuff from the bad. After all, the vast majority of NFT projects will not end up being blue chips, no matter who’s promoting them.

When you’re first exploring Twitter it helps to start with a couple of high-quality accounts. These are people who have gained the trust of the community over time and aren’t just looking to pump their bags.

Follow those accounts, and check out the people they follow while you’re at it. This way you can start to put together a solid source for tips on upcoming NFT projects.


If Twitter is the number one place the NFT community hangs out, Discord is easily number two. Every NFT project will have a Discord server. This is where people interested in the project get to connect, talk to the project creators and learn about what the project aims to do.

People talk about utility a lot in NFTs. That is to say, what an NFT project has to offer. This could be lots of things, like an exclusive community, a game, cool merch, or sometimes just the art itself. In any case, Discord is the place to go to figure out what utility a given NFT project has.

What’s more, a lot of Discord communities even have their own “Alpha” channels. This is where members trade NFT tips and can be a great place to learn about new projects early.

Promo image for Discord, the app that hosts a ton of NFT tips

Discord is a home for NFT projects, communities, and information. Credit: Discord

More Free Ways To Get Great Tips On Potential Blue Chip NFTs

Rarity Tools

Rarity Tools is a popular site among NFT buyers. As the name suggests, the main thing that it does is rank NFTs within a collection on their rarity. Thus, buyers can determine how much they’re willing to pay for an NFT based on how rare it is compared to others in that collection.

It’s always updating with new projects and has lots of different rankings for the collections on its site.

NFT Drop Calendars

Drop calendars are essential for staying on top of the flood of new NFT projects that launch every single day. You can find a small blurb about upcoming projects, as well as links to their Twitter page, Discord, and website.

When it comes to finding a blue-chip NFT early, you can’t get earlier than buying the project at mint! So if you’re hoping to find a great project to mint, you’ll want to check a great calendar for drops.

NFT Evening has a calendar where you’ll find all the hottest new projects coming up, organized into categories and by their blockchain. Check it out here!

Screengrab from Nansen, a powerful tool for getting tips on potential blue chip NFTs

Nansen is a powerful, but pricey tool for tracking which potential blue-chip NFTs big investors are buying and selling. Credit: Nansen

Paid Services Can Do A Lot Of The Work For You


Nansen is a powerful tool that puts together buyer data from Opensea and breaks it down so it’s easy to understand. The most attractive thing that Nansen does is that it can show you what the biggest crypto and NFT buyers are doing.

While the NFT tips people give on Twitter are one thing, Nansen’s Smart Money dashboard tracks wallet activity. Without a doubt, it’s a very helpful way to figure out what the most experienced NFT traders think are potential blue chips.

Of course, those tips won’t come cheap – the cheapest plan on the site is about $1600 a year.


RyzeNFT is a newer Chrome browser extension from Ryzen Labs. While it seems early in its development, it promises some really impressive features.

For example, users can set up auto sniping NFTs on Opensea, which would allow them to instantly buy NFTs under a certain floor price as they pop up.

Not only that, but it also has a feature for minting NFTs directly from the smart contract. Minting from a contract can be tricky for people who don’t know their way around it, but it’s one of the best ways to avoid gas wars when an NFT project mints.

The best way to learn more about this extension is to access Discord via their website.

Icy Tools

Icy Tools shows users trends in the NFT market on a minute-to-minute basis. It saves you the hassle of going through Opensea to track floor prices, sales volume, and things like that. As a matter of fact, it puts all that information together in charts and graphs, making it easier to evaluate how your potential blue-chip NFTs are performing.

It also has wallet tracking and rarity tools. It’s a monthly subscription service, with plans starting at $63 per month.

Now You’re Ready To Find Upcoming Blue Chip NFTs Like A Pro!

In conclusion, finding a blue-chip NFT project while it’s still early is a challenge. In order to do it, you have to find the right tools to process the mountain of information out there. These tips and services are a great place to start.

And of course, NFT Evening is the best place to find out about all the NFT news in the space.

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