MEE6 Discord Bot Accused of Negligence

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NFT Twitter is accusing the developers of Discord bot MEE6 of negligence. These accusations came shortly after an NFT Twitter detective noticed that NFT hackers were manipulating the MEE6 Discord bot to hack an alarming number of high-profile Discord servers.

discord bot nft twitter mee6

Are Discord bots to blame for NFT Discord server hacks?

Why is NFT Twitter accusing Discord bot developers?

According to on-chain analyst @NFTherder: “In May, 70 discords got exploited, including big projects like @RTFKT and @coolcatsnft. Even OpenSea’s official discord was breached! 26 of the 70 discords were compromised through the @mee6bot. MEE6 has yet to release a detailed report in response to the 26 breached servers.”

Other Discord users confirmed @NFTherder’s suspicions. “Inexcusable and unacceptable. They should take more responsibility here. “Whoops, sorry users” doesn’t cut it. Not for me at least,” commented @gartherly. @gryphonNFT pointed out that even popular online gaming platform Roblox had fallen victim to these attacks.

About MEE6

@NFTherder singled out the MEE6 Discord bot as problematic. This Discord plugin, used by over 18 million servers, allows users to assign roles themselves by using Discord reactions. It is also a basic moderator and can send administration messages.

Although it is clearly useful, NFT hackers have used this bot to send spam messages and pass malware links. Since the MEE6 bot is very popular, the Discord community widely trusts its messages. As a result, it enables NFT hackers to manipulate servers.

Undoubtedly, Discord security is a bone of contention in the NFT community. High-profile NFT Discord servers have fallen prey to hackers trying to exploit the popularity of NFTs. Clearly, Discord server owners need to amp up security to avoid such scandals.

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