NFT Worlds is Now Topia!

NFT Worlds turns a page of its history – the game and creator platform has decided to rebrand itself to become Topia. Let’s dig into this new version of one of the most famous NFT projects!

An illustration of the Topia game, formerly NFT Worlds

Topia aims to become the next Minecraft

What is Topia and How Does it Relate to NFT Worlds?

Topia is the new name of NFT Worlds. It is a project built by an assortment of influential figures from the Minecraft modding and third-party games ecosystem over the past decade. Further, it aims to redefine creative expression and modernize player experiences in a way its predecessor, Minecraft, could not fully achieve.

Topia’s ambition is to eliminate the restrictions and fill the voids in creative expression within the Minecraft ecosystem. It also draws its inspiration from time-tested game mechanics that players know well. With aspirations to become “the next Minecraft”, Topia seeks to push the boundaries of the gaming experience.

The creators behind Topia are driven by a mission to foster innovation and collaboration within a community comprising enthusiastic players, committed content creators, and supportive contributors. This coalition aims to enable the enchanting and boundless gaming experiences that players have always wished for in Minecraft.

Topia represents an ambitious endeavor to construct an interconnected ecosystem of players, creators, and contributors. It involves building a new game, engine, and platform from scratch while providing the requisite technology, resources, and support needed for the community to create and enjoy a diverse range of content and experiences.

What are Topia’s Notable Features?

Key features that make Topia stand out include its accessibility as a Free-To-Play game. Therefore, no account or game purchase is required to play in Topia worlds. Moreover, players can enjoy Topia on their PCs or in the web browser at native frame rates.

Topia puts Familiarity First, ensuring that players who loved Minecraft will feel right at home in a similar gameplay environment. The game also prioritizes community and social aspects, allowing players to step into their favorite Topia worlds with friends. Moreover, the platform promotes player expression, offering extensive cosmetic systems for players to exhibit their unique identities in each world. It offers tools and resources to creators so theu can build without restrictions.

Another notable feature of Topia is its backward compatibility, which allows players to connect and play their favorite Minecraft servers. With this rebranding, NFT Worlds enters a new phase of its history. Its ambition of becoming the Minecraft of Web3 seems more accurate than ever.

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