NFTs Driving Change: How Rejell is Advocating Climate Action With its First NFT Drop

A surreal photograph of nature by Torben Reimer for NFTs driving change

This issue of NFTs Driving Change puts the spotlight on the film production company, Rejell and its NFT collections supporting different causes. 

A surreal photograph of nature by Torben Reimer for NFTs driving change

Torben Reimer’s photographs feature surreal shots of nature.

I believe Sunday mornings are for lazy breakfasts and great reads in bed. But if it’s a rare sunny day in your part of the world, I highly encourage you to take your read into an outdoor cafe, a park bench, or under a tree even—whichever you fancy. While I cannot promise you a great read, I guarantee some food for thought, something inspiring, or maybe even a pinch of hope.

Welcome to NFTs Driving Change—a bi-monthly column where I highlight projects and creators using NFTs and other Web3 tools to create real-world impact. In this issue, I’ll be introducing you to Germany-based film production company, Rejell, which has just stepped into the Web3 world with its first NFT collection. 

Rejell’s Drops are all About Art and NFT Philanthropy

When NFTs picked up steam in early 2021, it didn’t take long for people to see the philanthropic potential behind the technology. Soon enough, everyone from NGOs to activists and celebrities was dropping NFTs to support a number of causes. Now, Rejell is hopping on the charitable NFT bandwagon with a series of NFT collections.

The film production company’s vision is to collaborate with different artists to create “beautiful and meaningful art”, all the while supporting sustainable and/or social organisations. In a nutshell, each collection focuses on a particular issue, with 50% of the proceeds going to a related, charitable organisation. This certainly fits the bill of NFTs driving change.

About Origin, Rejell’s Debut NFT Project 

Rejell’s debut NFT project, titled “Origin”, features 40 photographs captured by artist Torben Reimer. Interestingly, Reimer used an old analogue camera, set on a timer, and attached to a racing drone to capture the photographs. 

One of the things that I found most interesting in Origin is the unpredictability of the art creation process itself. The manually set timer gave only an 11-second window to position a shot. The old cameras weren’t always reliable. From figuring out the right drone speeds to avoiding crashing into the trees, the process sounds like a gamble. 

As the creators note on their website: “There was no way to check images and recalibrate camera settings accordingly. We simply kept the faith that enough magic would be captured in our imagery to be worthy of this new realm that now exists beyond time in the form of NFTs.”

Nonetheless, the results are stunning, surreal shots of tree-covered landscapes and coastlines. There’s a chaotic beauty to these images that instantly attracts the viewer. 

The NFTs are now available for sale on OpenSea. Half of the funds will go to The Climate Change Fund, an NGO focusing on climate change mitigation. Besides, collectors of the ten unique 1-of-1 NFTs will also get both a print of the artwork and the photo-negative.

A surreal photograph of nature by Torben Reimer to represent NFTs driving change

The NFTs in the collection are now available on OpenSea.

Q&A with Rejell’s Team

I spoke to Reinhard Krug, Head of NFT and Creative Director at Rejell, and Torben Reimer to know more about Rejell’s NFT plans.

(The quotes have been edited and condensed for clarity)

NFTE: Tell us about Rejell.

RK: We’re a film production company based in Hamburg, Germany where storytelling is at the heart of everything we do. From long-format films, such as documentaries, to captivating commercials and music videos, we use the power of storytelling to drive change and make a positive impact. Our portfolio is a testament to our talent, with noteworthy clients such as UNIQLO and tennis legend, Roger Federer, and our commitment to sustainability through our work with the cradle to cradle institute, EPEA.

NFTE: What inspired you to foray into the NFT space?

RK: Art and technology are two peas in a pod, and digital art was the natural progression for us. Our passion for storytelling and drive for positive change come together perfectly in this medium. We create stunning and impactful digital masterpieces that are not just beautiful, but also meaningful. And with the power of NFT technology, we’ve taken it a step further by combining our art with the ability to give back to sustainability and social organisations through donations. Additionally, we are aiming to help our existing and future clients to take their first steps into this space and together launch projects using Web3 as a platform for good.

NFTE: What are some of the causes you’ll be supporting with your NFT drops and why?

RK: Our mission is to make a difference in the world through our films and art. Our goal is to lend our support to global organisations that are at the forefront of the fight for important causes such as social justice, education, and climate change. We take great care in researching which organisations to support to ensure that every donation has the greatest possible impact. With each new collection, we remain committed to driving positive change and making a difference.

NFTE: What are your reasons for supporting The Climate Change Fund for your first collection?

RK: Climate change is no longer a distant threat; it’s a reality that we face every day. It’s time for us to take action and make a difference. At the top of our priority list is combating its effects and reducing emissions. After extensive research, we found The Climate Change Fund to be a highly effective organisation leading the charge in the fight against climate change. They advocate for crucial political change at the global level and work tirelessly to convince world leaders to adopt policies that will help mitigate emissions.

NFTE: What are your thoughts on NFT’s role in creating real-world impact? How do you think NFTs can be used for good?

RK: NFTs simplify the donation process, making it easier to collect and track contributions. The WWF’s NFA collection and the Ukraine DAO are prime examples. The technology can also be used to track carbon credits with ease. ReFi (regenerative finance) is also just in its infancy. What they all have, is the potential to build community and raise awareness around a cause. Unlike traditional fundraising, NFTs offer tangible feedback for donors in the form of digital art pieces. As NFTs continue to gain recognition as proof of ownership, we expect to see even more innovative applications in the future.

Torben Reimer's photograph of a canopy

Rewinded Revolt by Torben Reimer.

NFTE: Can you tell us anything about your upcoming NFT collections?

RK: Unfortunately I can’t say anything about our next collection—yet. What I will say is that we’re talking to some amazing artists that we’ll be collaborating with. For us, it’s about finding the perfect balance between the artist, the artwork, and the organisation we will support. 

NFTE: Origin has a very interesting creative process. Can you tell us more about it?

TR: Combining my passion for modern technology and the history of photography, I set out to create a unique blend of the old and the new. With the latest drone technology, I’m able to capture breathtaking shots that were once impossible. The sheer speed and precision of a drone opens up a world of creative possibilities. I love the way the motion blur paints landscapes in a beautiful abstract form and blends together the elements of our origin.

NFTE: What message do you want people to take away from Origin?

TR: As inhabitants of this incredible planet, it’s our responsibility to treat it with the love and respect it deserves. We should strive to preserve and protect our home, always mindful of the impact we have on the world around us. It’s essential to remember that, at our core, all of us share a common bond. Regardless of our differences, we all have the same origin.

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