NFTs on the Racetrack: Zandvoort Grand Prix’s Cutting-Edge Collectibles

images from Zandvoort Grand Prix

The Zandvoort Grand Prix, set to electrify F1 fans at the Circuit Zandvoort from August 25th-27th, is taking a futuristic leap by offering digital collectibles to all attendees. This groundbreaking initiative unfolds within the Dutch GP app, enabling all visitors to snag an exclusive piece of the action.

Intriguingly, the collectible boasts dynamic elements. As the race weekend unfolds, unique coordinates reflecting segments of the Zandvoort racetrack adorn the collectible. The captivating ‘Trackside Treasure’ design mirrors the race’s distinctiveness.


  • Zandvoort Grand Prix introduces digital collectibles to over 100,000 attendees during the F1 race weekend.
  • Collectibles can be claimed through the Dutch GP app and are tied to unique coordinates of the racetrack.
  • The innovative distribution method offers a seamless experience, combining NFTs, Web3 access, and user-friendly mobile apps.

images from Zandvoort Grand Prix

How Zandvoort Grand Prix Is Using Digital Collectibles To Enhance Fan Experiences!

The twist of these NFTs also lies in their accessibility. Attendees can effortlessly claim their digital keepsake through the Dutch GP app. By integrating GET Protocol’s custodial wallets behind the scenes, the experience smoothly transitions Web2 mobile app users into the realm of NFT collectibles and Web3 perks.

To amplify the excitement, 75 fortunate fans will acquire an exclusive 1/1 collectible, commemorating the 75th year of the track. This singular keepsake also serves as a cherished memento for the jubilant occasion.

Teun Verheij, Head of Marketing Dutch GP, elaborates, “The launch of our digital collectibles is part of our overall approach in tapping into the new world of fan experiences.

Each collectible weaves a tale tying in to specific Zandvoort racetrack coordinates. From the famed ‘Tarzan Corner’ to the rapid Hunse Ridge, each attendee takes home a segment of the storied track.

Revolutionizing Collection Distribution

Unlike complex external collectible distributions, Zandvoort’s innovation ties directly to ticket issuance. Attendees simply purchase a ticket, personalize it through, and claim their collectible via the Dutch GP app. The streamlined process ensures that even those unfamiliar with tech can relish a piece of the racetrack.

Furthermore, GET Protocol crafts a custodial wallet for every attendee. In addition, this frictionless procedure links user IDs to wallets, ushering attendees into the immersive world of Web3.

The collectibles boast a dynamic content strategy:

  1. Fans unlock a ‘wrapped’ image of their collectible in the Dutch GP app as tickets are personalized.
  2. Prior to the race, they unveil their collectibles, revealing track artwork and coordinates.
  3. Race day triggers updates, presenting race-specific highlights linked to coordinates.
  4. A nod to the track’s 75 years rewards 75 fans with an exclusive collectible.

A Glimpse into the Future

These Digital Collectibles offer more than ownership. They open doors to exclusive token gated access in future Dutch GP experiences. Users can seamlessly unlock content by scanning QR codes with their Web3 wallets.

Maarten Bloemers, CEO of GET Protocol, enthuses, “Providing every race fan with a Web3 wallet and a collectible with zero complexity is an achievement I’m proud of and sets a new benchmark for the industry.

As the Zandvoort Grand Prix heralds a thrilling new chapter, these Digital Collectibles ensure that memories made on the racetrack will forever be etched in the digital cosmos.

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