NFTs That Are Perfect For Football Fans

NFTs That Are Perfect For Football Fans

Football fans are some of the most dedicated and loving fans in the world. Some people would choose their club over their wives or girlfriends and I agree, I won’t say I would too because she would kill me. 

But, the dedication to the game is what makes the sport so good and any sort of footballing memorabilia will be bought by some devoted fan and this is where the NFTs come in. 

NFTs are expensive and offer some form of footballing collaboration with the added potential of winning more money and with the recent news that Cristiano Ronaldo is making an NFT, I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about how football and NFTs go hand in hand.


When Sorare was first introduced I think every person who heard of it or saw it, knew it was gonna be big and this assumption was correct. Sorare is a gaming platform that offers you access to over 280 professional players and clubs with the main idea of the game, building an NFT collection with players from all over the world. Once you have a good squad you can play in online competitions against other players and the performances in real life that your players are having affect how they are in the game. 

One of my favorite things about Sorare is the community aspect of it, you can trade and collect cards from other people and it adds to the overall feeling you have while playing this game. As well as this it gives you extra incentive to watch other leagues that you wouldn’t usually watch, so if you have a Benfica player and you need him to play well, so you look at the live football bets and see if he is the odds on favourite to get a yellow card, you know you could be in trouble. This may seem like a sponsor but it isn’t, I just really love Sorare and hope other people will join this community. There is also a lot of money to be won here, as the most expensive card was just sold for around $600,000 and you could have that next.


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LaLiga and Dapper

La Liga is one of the biggest and best leagues in the world and has had some of the greatest ever footballers play since its inception. In knowing this you can probably imagine the amount of memorable and iconic moments that have come with his honour and LaLiga and Dapper wanted everyone to remember and try to make money off them. It has recorded moments from the last 20 years of the league’s lifespan and showed and offered moments from Real Madrid, Barcelona and other clubs like Valencia and Sevilla. It is similar to Sorare because players can buy and sell their cards for even better ones, with Dapper you can use the wallet to buy NFTs, making it easier to get the ones you really want. 


Now one of the biggest online platforms we will mention is Socios has multiple links with high-prestige clubs and allows fans of these clubs to purchase tokens. Some of the clubs you can buy tokens from are Man City, PSG and Arsenal. These three clubs show the level of trust it has in the football world. What started as just tokens turned into NFTs for fans, with AC Milan being the first club to bite the bullet and try the NFTs out. After AC Milan, other clubs like Barcelona, PSG and Juventus took the chance and made NFTs too. The amount of online platforms that sell football-based NFTs shows how much football fans love it and will buy into it.