NFTxLV Returns to Las Vegas for a 3-Day Extravaganza of Blockchain Brilliance

The stage is set for the most anticipated blockchain conference of the year, as NFTxLV (NFT Las Vegas 2023) makes its triumphant return to Las Vegas for three days of tech-fueled revelry. Prepare to be immersed in the cutting-edge world of Web3, NFTs, blockchain gaming, and the Metaverse!

???? Dates: September 29 – October 1

???? Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center


  • NFTxLV 2023: The ultimate blockchain conference in Las Vegas.
  • Cutting-edge tech, NFTs, and the Metaverse on display.
  • Comic-Con style format, tickets from $40. Don’t miss out!

official poster of NFTxLV 2023 in Las Vegas

NFTxLV 2023: Las Vegas Lights Up The Blockchain

Get ready to be awed and enlightened as NFTxLV welcomes over 3500 guests, 145 exhibitors, and 116 renowned speakers. Whether you’re a newcomer curious about the tech revolution or a seasoned Web3 veteran, this conference will cater to all. Moreover, the NFTxLV conference delivers entertainment and wisdom in equal measure.

In the spirit of innovation that drives the Web3 industry, NFTxLV breaks away from the traditional stuffy convention model. Instead, attendees will enter a fun-filled “comic-con” style format this year! Explore and soak-in this relaxed and energetic experience.

In the heart of the Nevada desert, NFTxLV gathers all crypto enthusiasts, professionals, and trailblazers. They promise to offer glimpses into the future of NFTs, Web3, DeFi, P2E gaming, the Metaverse, digital art, and beyond. The event also makes a melting pot of ideas. It features keynote speeches, exclusive art collections, engaging panels, and more, all within its magnificent halls.

????️ How to Buy Tickets and Get Involved at NFTxLV 2023

To become part of this groundbreaking event, attendees can choose from three tiers of access passes.

Three tiers of access passes available for attendees:

    • “General Admission” at $40 ($25 for students and educators):
      • Grants access to Saturday and Sunday.
      • Also includes an exclusive wristband.
    • “Premium Package” at $140:
      • Offers a preview night and kick-off party on September 29.
      • Also includes extra swag, a t-shirt, NFT, and enamel badge.
    • “Diamond Package” at $650:
      • Includes VIP status.
      • Offers exclusive swag, a t-shirt, NFT, pin, lanyard, badge.
      • Also provides access to the VIP lounge and a catered lunch.
  • Early birds pre-ordering the Premium or Diamond package receive a complimentary Aeoniumsky NFT.

???? Join the Excitement in Las Vegas!

If the thought of Las Vegas and the captivating world of Web3 set your heart racing, don’t miss out on NFTxLV this September! Finally, it’s your chance to immerse yourself in the cutting-edge innovations and groundbreaking ideas that are shaping the future of technology and beyond.

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