Nifty League Degens NFT Project Already Has its Own Playable Game at Launch

Nifty League Degens NFT Project easily stands out because when the team launched the 10,000 genesis DEGENS, they already had their own playable game. This is a major differentiator because most projects parlay the proceeds from the Drop to fund the game development. This put the project so far ahead of almost anything else on the market and do you know what the best part is? The game works and it is “all kinds of awesome,” according to the community.

Nifty League Degens

Nifty League is creating a buzz in the space for their unique minting process and playable game. Credits: Nifty League

According to the website, the project’s “mission is to create a leading NFT gaming platform through community governance and development.” Basically, this means that they plan to launch play-to-earn games using NFTs. The first offering is the local multiplayer version of the brawler game Nifty Smashers.

How Nifty League Degens Designed a “Standout” Minting Process

From the very start, the project is deadset on breaking the mold. Instead of launching pre-determined and pre-designed NFTs, the team gave the community total freedom.

The unique minting process captivated NFT writer @Zeneca_33. “Instead of putting in a number of how many you wanted and clicking mint and getting 20 NFTs, you actually had to mint this one by one, and you could customize them to your heart’s content. It took time. More than anything, though, the minting process was fun.” He is now a proud owner of 33 Degens NFTs.

The supply is capped at 10,000 and 9,897 of that is the handiwork of the community based on available traits and accessories. The team explained that the initial three slots were for the core team members. Meanwhile, the final 100 spots are held under reserves for future community incentives from the Nifty DAO!

A little throwback

The first step in designing a DEGEN was deciding on 1 of the six available tribes, including apes, humans, dogs, frogs, cats, and aliens. The team also teased that there would be special tribes for tournaments. What adds excitement to this part is that the character traits and accessories you choose also determine certain in-game mechanics and special moves. Naturally, some tribes are rarer than others, so make sure you check the DEGENS page to cross-check.

Nifty League Degens

Meet the 10,000 Genesis Nifty League Degens. Credit: Nifty League

The team asserts that “players will naturally gravitate towards certain characters based on their personal preferences as gameplay and special moves may be quite different between them for certain games.” Then, they also have the power to select which of the characters they own they will use before each game. So no harm in hoarding and having et least one of each tribe just to cover your bases.

The fun part is designing the DEGEN because there were a total of 1023 traits and 21 options after selecting a tribe. So users can really let their creative juice flow because there were almost infinite numbers of combinations. Then, the team added another layer of gamification on this part. They randomly removed character traits from the set of available traits as users created more characters. This makes it difficult to know which options will end up as the rarest.

Finally, the algorithm randomly assigned DEGEN backgrounds upon minting. So they either got common background or one of three special options: Rare, Meta, or Legendary.

The engaging and fun minting process became a stepping stone for the project to build a solid community. Note that, unlike in traditional projects, big numbers don’t really translate to a better community. A community of 1000 who understands the vision is better than a fake all-hype 100,000 hoard.

A Surprise Treat After The Minting Process

The team surprised the community with a special Nifty League launch comic collection to top off the engaging minting process. Basically, the comic comprises six pages that users can opt to burn to receive an in-game wearable or weapon.

The team took snapshots throughout the minting process for the first four pages corresponding to different milestones. These are: Page 1 – 2500 | Page 2 – 3500 | Page 3 – 5000 | Page 4 – 7500. Pages 5 and 6 are underway.

Nifty League Comics

Nifty League Comic Books – A surprise treat for the community after the exhilarating minting process! Credit: Nifty League

Nifty League Degens’ Differentiator: Playable Game, Tokens and Rewards

The very detailed outline of the gameplay, mechanics and future plans available on the website reveals that the team is very decisive. Moreover, they are no longer in the exploratory phase and have long firmed up the details.

The principle behind reward distribution is simple. That is, the more you play the better your chances of earning NFTL tokens. The team “plans on implementing a progression system in the future to level up your characters and gain more rewards for your XP.” This is to mitigate the issue of bots attempting to game the system.

Most of the opportunities to earn NFTL as rewards springs from the weekly or monthly Tournaments. All tournaments may be incentivized by rewards from our community treasury fund at the Nifty DAO’s discretion via token voting.

Nifty Smashers

As mentioned, the community was able to enjoy the local-multiplayer version of Nifty Smashers right after launch. This puts the project miles ahead of competitors in the NFT space.

The gameplay revolves around battling it out against community members and getting in as many bat bonks. As hardcore players have pointed out, the game takes inspiration from the classic Super Smash Bros games.

Nifty Smashers

Nifty League Degens characters battle it on Nifty Smashers to win NFTL Rewards! Credit: Nifty Smashers

In order to play, you’ll need a DEGEN to select for battle, and then use your keyboard, Playstation or Xbox controller as input (couch multiplayer works too!). From the game lobby, you’ll be able to select from any of the previously minted DEGENs you own in your wallet to show off your cool creations.

Remember the tribes you selected during the minting process? It takes center stage on this part. Each tribe has a unique special move, so experiment with different tribes and find the moves that suit your playstyle best. Hold down the attack button for a charged-up bat attack; some special moves can also be charged. When you bonk another player, they’re worth 1 point. The more they’re successively bonked, the faster they bounce around and the more points they’re worth. Land the final mega-bonk to hit them off the map and claim all the points.

NFTL Tokens

At its core, NFTL is the natural way to ensure that the community decides on important decisions regarding Nifty League through the Nifty DAO.

The sale of the characters kicked off the initial distribution of the ecosystem’s native utility and governance token. In this regard, NFTL serves a dual purpose of giving users voting rights on upcoming games and tournaments. Secondly, being used for platform-wide expenses. For now, this only includes naming characters. However, this may be expanded to be used for purchasing additional in-game items, collectibles or even potential future characters.

Exciting days ahead of Nifty League Degens, right? For now, the next target of the team is to team up with an NFT Marketplace. This will allow users to collect reusable NFTs such as cars or special weapons for the games.

No doubt that Nifty League is an exciting project, so make sure to check them out on Twitter or Discord!

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