Nike Reveals Details About Upcoming ‘Our Force One’ Drop

The iconic AF1 is coming to the blockchain. Nike revealed new details about the launch of the upcoming Our Force 1 collection. This drop will feature digital renditions of Air Force 1 Lows from the past, present, and future. Further, this will be the first drop of the .SWOOSH project that was revealed by Nike last November. So, what else do we know?

A screenshot of the Nike digital AF1 collection.

The Nike digital AF1 collection is the first project launched on the .SWOOSH platform.

What We Know About the Our Force 1 Collection

The inaugural digital collection of the .SWOOSH platform will showcase the iconic AF1 sneaker. Designed by Bruce Kilgore, this renowned sneaker from Nike first hit the shelves in 1982.

The Our Force 1 collection has been in development since late 2022. To determine the best colorways from the past four decades, Nike organized a bracket-style tournament. In early 2023, the company also launched the “Your Force 1” contest, where winners would not only receive a $5,000 cash prize but also a digital version of their custom AF1 design, along with royalties from future sales of their creations.

First, select .SWOOSH members will receive OF1 posters at random, granting them First Access to make a purchase. Shortly thereafter, all .SWOOSH members will have the opportunity to acquire their own OF1 box, which they can choose to keep sealed or open to reveal its contents. Once unveiled, members can explore a gallery showcasing every unique OF1 virtual creation, as well as collect and trade pairs according to their preferences.

Ownership of an OF1 will offer various benefits, including exclusive access to products, experiences, and more. We can expect to hear further details about the Our Force 1 Collection soon.

An image of the boxes containing the digital AF1 our force one collection.

These boxes contain the digital AF1 collection.

What is .SWOOSH?

.SWOOSH is the Web3 project from Nike. The brand announced the platform last November and launched it in January on Polygon. It presents it as a place where members of the Nike community can buy, trade, and co-create virtual products.

Users of the platform will be given the tools to develop virtual creations that can be sported in video games and experiences. Additionally, the most talented creators will have the opportunity to earn royalties from the virtual products you co-create with us. Community challenges will assist in selecting these creators.

Nike is making a significant investment in Web3, after acquiring the NFT studio RTFKT in December, 2021. The .SWOOSH platform has the potential to play a pivotal role in promoting blockchain democratization among a broader audience.

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