Not Okay Bears NFT Project’s New Owner Offends Half The Community

Earlier this week, the Not Okay Bears Project got a new owner, and he has already offended half the community. Amid the existing copyright controversies, new ones sprung up in a recent Twitter Space. 

notokaybears NFT banner purple and blue

NotOkayBears, the Ethereum derivative of Okay bears on Solana have left the community torn.

Not Okay Bears Has a New Owner

Recently, NFT influencer Hustler bought the whole Not Okay Bears project and is now the new owner. In fact, the influencer has been a staunch supporter of Not Okay Bears from the very beginning. 

Revealing his intentions to buy the project, Hustler tweeted, “BREAKING: I just made an offer inside Not Okay Bears discord to take over the project 100%. The founder has 6 hours to respond in my DMs or offer is off the table.” Furthermore, Hustler tweeted later that day, “Word is out. I am now the Founder [Owner] of @Not_OkayBears. We are really not going to be okay.”

Hustler buys Not Okay BEars

Hustler becomes the new owner of Not Okay Bears.

Not Okay Bear’s New Owner Puts a Royalty on Sales

Today, the new Not Okay Bears owner joined a Twitter space hosted by tmas.eth. People asked about the new owner’s decision to put a 7.5% royalty on secondary sales. 

Moreover, someone asked what Hustler has done or what he will do to justify the 7.5% royalty. “We don’t have to do anything … The project has no money. We can’t do anything with no money,” Huster replied.

Meanwhile, Hustler has been pointing out other established projects for having royalties. However, he seemed to miss the point that established projects have a roadmap and actively build and run events.

“GM to everyone besides the ppl that launched a new project and added 5%-10% royalties because that’s a big no no to the NFT hypocrites. You’re new & not supposed to make money according to them. Shame on all of you. Don’t worry tho, they will cherry pick who to be mad at,” the new owner’s tweet reads. 

Hustler points at Gary Vee for charging royalties.

Hustler justifies putting royalties because other projects do so.

Real Artist Behind The Flipped Project?

Moreover, another Twitter user, SPYMILK, claimed to be the original artist of Not Okay Bears. Also, she added that she is neither an NFT influencer nor a dev and was entirely removed from the project.  

But Not Okay Bears are just left-facing Okay Bears, so how is SPYMILK the project’s artist? According to her, the flipped Okay Bears images were just a proxy for the art she “spent weeks making.” Moreover, SPYMILK also claimed that it was a joke on projects for “keeping centralized metadata for supposedly distributed assets.”

Hustler calling out SPYMILK

Not Okay Bear’s new owner denies SPYMILK’s claim of being the project’s artist.

So far, Not Okay Bear’s new owner has denied all of her claims, saying that she is just “trolling and lying.” 

He tweeted, “There’s a girl named ‘Spy Milk’ that’s running around Twitter saying she was the artist of the Not Okay Bears. She’s on spaces crying (literally) & trying to make ppl believe she’s owed something from previous owner. She was never affiliated w/ @Not_OkayBears. She’s not okay.”

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