Now You Can Buy NFT Flower Bouquets via Flowerboy Project

If you still don’t know what to get your special someone for Valentine’s Day, why not mint an NFT flower bouquet? This unique innovation comes from Flowerboy Project, a flower-themed bodega based in Venice. Their highly-detailed digital flower bouquets are available via Shopify to purchase by credit card. You can even schedule the delivery date of the bouquet for the perfect virtual surprise!

image portrait of a bodega owner alongside a NFT digital bouquet of flowers

The Flowerboy Project bodega innovates this Valentine’s Day by offering NFT flower bouquets via Shopify!

NFT Flower Bouquets: a New Valentine’s Day Trend?

This year, NFT collectors (and not only!) can celebrate Valentine’s Day in an unforgettable Web3 style: with NFT flower bouquets. Simply put, now you can buy a gorgeous 3D digital flower bouquet via Shopify and have it sent over to your loved one via email.

This one-of-a-kind opportunity comes from Flowerboy Project – a Californian coffee and flower bodega. Its founders, Stella Shirinda and Sean Knibb, have been innovating interior design and floral spaces for decades. Now, the two are ready to embark on a Web3 journey while bringing people together:

“Flowerboy Project makes it easier to bring the ritual and artistry of giving flowers to the world,” Knibb says. “In our digitally connected community we offer the consumer a choice to visually communicate feeling and intenton to one another through our digital bouquets, creating a gif with longevity and remembrance.”

image of a digital 3d bouquet of flowers

With various prices, aesthetics, and details, each 3D flower bouquet can become an unforgettable gift that lasts a lifetime.

How Can You Mint Your Own 3D Bouquet?

Users can mint as many NFT flower bouquets as they want via the Flowerboy Shopify store, built with the Web3 platform Verisart. The platform welcomes popular types of payments, including credit cards. Note that you can also shop for price points on the official Flowerboy Project website.

All in all, the price per bouquet ranges between $47 – $800 (for the rarest option). Each digital asset is based on a 3D model inspired by exotic, luxurious vegetation, featuring vibrant colors.

What’s more, you can also schedule the delivery email for each NFT flower bouquet you purchase – including a custom message for your loved one!

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