Okay Bears, An NFT Collection On Solana Is Breaking Records!

Okay Bears is breaking records as a Solana NFT project, and it might signal a change in NFT culture. Things are changing after two years of almost complete domination of the NFT space by Ethereum projects.

Okay Bears is a new Solana project taking over OpenSea

Okay Bears could signal a change in NFT culture after almost two years of Ethereum dominance.

The Solana project began life on April 26th, with a mint price of 1.5 SOL ($147). The NFT collection quickly sold out, and now the price for one stands at almost 90 SOL ($8,850).

Okay Bears break OpenSea records

Over the last few days, these diverse bears have taken over OpenSea, breaking all previous records for none Ethereum projects. In the 24 hours following the mint of the 10,000 bears, OpenSea saw over 187,500 SOL in secondary trading, equivalent to around $18.5 million.

This is the most traded NFT collection in 24 hours for Solana ever. In fact, the project sat at the top of the trading for those 24 hours for the entire OpenSea website, including Ethereum.

Okay Bears is changing the way people perceive Solana NFTs. This new project is a collection of 10,000 avatars representing a diverse and unique range of characters.

What’s more, owning one of these NFTs gives you access to an exclusive club called ‘The Park’. Here, Okay Bears owners will find member-only merch drops, outdoor campaigns, exclusive live events, and a community of friendly bears.

OpenSea officially began to list Solana NFTs on April 7th, and some were questioning if it would work. Now, with the success of Okay Bears, many will welcome new Solana NFT projects on the website.

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