Old Roos Club Founder Mysteriously “Dies” During The Mint

Old Roos Club NFT avatars for sale

Old Roos Club, a Solana-based NFT project, had its mint day yesterday, October 14. While the project sold out quickly, an unusual message greeted the community members—one of the project’s founders allegedly died during the mint. While the authenticity of the news is anybody’s guess, Twitter is having a field day calling out the project. 

Old Roos Club NFT avatars for sale

Did Old Roos Club just rug pull? Credit: Magic Eden

What happened with Old Roos Club NFT?

Soon after Old Roos Club NFTs were sold out yesterday, B00mer, one of the project’s founders, sent the following message on their Discord channel:

“Unfortunately, one of the founders died right during the mint. In this regard, the project is being sold. who is interested write to me in dm. I am ready to transfer all rights, passwords and wallet to the new owner.”

At the time of going to press, this was the last message from B00mer (surprise, surprise!). Obviously, the insensitive nature of the message and its timing makes one question the authenticity. After all, the NFT industry is notorious for its rug pulls (may the founder’s soul rest in peace, if indeed the news is true). 

How did NFT Twitter react?

Naturally, Old Roos Club’s announcement became fodder for all new meme material. NFT influencer, tropoFarmer, for instance, tweeted, “RIP in pieces to all the founders suddenly dying in the near future.”

Meanwhile, @any_equal wrote, “Lol ???? even don’t care if it’s true or not… #founder died during the #mint even sounds like superficial #nft #marketing.”

The following unverified screenshot of a message from B00mer is also doing the rounds on Twitter: 

A crocodile biting a human meme

Tweet from @madmaxx_nft

At this point, all we want to say is: brush up on your NFT security basics

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