0n1 Force: The Hottest Generative Art NFTs With a Lo-fi Character Style

0n1 Force became one of the hottest generative art NFTs after its launch in August 2021. The collection’s incredibly creative lo-fi artwork and the amount of detailing on each NFT struck a chord with the wider NFT community. So much so that the collection sold out in just five minutes after its launch! 

Soon after, 0n1 Force’s price skyrocketed, reaching around $30,000 in late August. More than a year later, however, several factors have led to the project’s prices plummeting. Today, its floor price is 0.34 ETH (about $400), according to OpenSea. To date, the project has generated nearly 50,000 ETH (about $58 million) in total trading volume, at the time of writing.

So, what is 0n1 Force NFT project? What made it one of the best anime NFT collections? What does the future look like for 0n1 Force? Let’s find out!

Generative art NFT ON1 Force logo

0n1 Force is a collection of 7,777 generative art NFTs. Credits: 0N1 Force

What is 0n1 Force?

0n1 Force is a collection of 7,777 generative side-profile, lo-fi style characters. It features 100 hand-drawn attributes created by artist IMCMPLX. As the collection is fully sold out, you can only get the NFTs from secondary markets like OpenSea. 

0n1 Force: Detailed artwork, a great story, and a dedicated community

There are several reasons why the collection quickly became a favourite among NFT enthusiasts. One is the creative artwork and intricate details of the characters. Impressively, the collection went big on diversity. From hearing aids to kimonos and bald heads and dreadlocks, the details made the collection truly universal. 

The second reason is the story. 0n1 Force belongs to the Ethereal Enclave, a peaceful kingdom that grants eternal life. However, the kingdom crumbles after the Emperor unexpectedly dies. Now, the 0n1 Force has only 7,777 hours to live, and they have to fight for survival.

“Strength, spirit, and style are what you’ll need to survive in the Ethereal Enclave,” the project’s website notes. The powerful narrative truly resonated with the NFT community.

On1 Force generative art NFT

The NFTs in the collection are available on OpenSea. Credits: OpenSea

Once they had a great story down, on1 Force gave it their all to build a strong community. Be it the Meebits or the Bored Ape Yacht Club, we have seen the huge role the community plays in an NFT project’s growth. The same has been the case with on1 Force.

From the beginning, the project played it right by building its community. Even before the collection dropped, on1 Force’s Discord had 15,000 members. Today, that number is close to 26,000 (at the time of writing). Their Twitter, meanwhile, has 50,000 followers. 

How exactly did the project achieve all this? on1 Force hosted giveaways, contests, anime movie nights, and collaborative storytelling projects for its community. On its Discord, for instance, the project has created an 0N1 Daily Living section, where creative stories about on1 is regularly shared. Remarkably, it has also added traits to the NFTs to honour community members – the two lead Discord moderators – such as the canary and rose.

Rarity: The three clans

on1 Force is divided into three clans: Y0K-A1, B4K3M0-N0, and 0N1. Members of each clan have different traits and vary in rarity.

Y0K-A1 or Ghost Spirit

Y0K-A1 or Ghost Spirit is the common type and represents the main citizens of Ethereal Enclave. There are a total of 5,278 (68%) of these, donning a variety of outfits and accessories. These are mostly colourful and feature a clean lo-fi style. Some of their rare traits include cat ears, gasmask, Obsidian Kitsune, and a loop earring.

Y0K-A1 type of ON1 Force NFT collection

Y0K-A1 is common and represents 68% of the population. Credits: 0N1 Force

B4K3M0-N0 or Monster Form

The next type is the uncommon B4K3M0-N0 or Monster Form. They belong to the ranking class and feature a blend of tech and fashion. They look ferocious and represent 27% of the population (a total of 2,100). E-A1D, Rose, Fedora, and 7 Earring are some of their rarest traits.

B4K3M0-N0 type of ON1 Force NFT collection

B4K3M0-N0 is uncommon, with a total of 2,100 in the population. Credits: 0N1 Force

0N1 or The Demon

Lastly, 0N1 or The Demon is a rare type, with only 392 in existence. Of course, they are the elites in the kingdom, calling all the shots. These feature a luxurious style with Hannya Masks, Suits, and more. Some of their rare traits are Haunted, Canary, Gold Reflective Jacket, Strawberry Pin, and Y0N1 Pin.

ON1 type of ON1 Force NFT collection

0N1 is rare, with only 392 in existence. Credits: 0N1 Force

However, there’s one more type that the project kept hidden till minting began: K4M-1 or The Gods. These are extremely rare, with only seven in all. These characters face the opposite direction than the others and are equipped with exquisite helmets and jackets. Everything about them screams supremacy!

Some notable sales

Undoubtedly, with the kind of popularity 0n1 Force has enjoyed, some of these NFTs sold for hefty sums. Soon after launch, YouTuber and avid NFT collector, Logan Paul bought K4M-1 #03 for a whopping 188 ETH or around $623,000. Interestingly, TheNFTer2 had bought this for 47 ETH, before selling it to Paul. The NFT features a Citrine Technogod background, an 03-Divine helmet, and an 03-Bomber Jacket. Unfortunately, amid the crypto winter, the NFT’s value tanked to as little as $10 in October 2022. 

Logan Paul's tweet on On1 Force NFT collection

Tweet from Logan Paul via @LoganPaul

Another top sale is 0N1 #4650, which fetched its owner around $353,200. It has some rare features like Gold Tech Jacket, Pearl VR, Jasper Spiky Hair, and Uwu mouth. While 0N1 #2856 was sold for $311,000, 0N1 #3627 and 0N1 #1132 was sold for $293,000 and $281,000, respectively.

0N1 Force launches its own marketplace

In September 2022, 0N1 Force launched its own trading NFT marketplace. Powered by Origin Protocol, the marketplace lets traders save 1.25% on all trades compared to OpenSea. Moreover, holders will also be able to trade/save on 10KTF, a New Tokyo-based online shop run by the fictional craftsman, Wagmi-san.

The marketplace includes all original 0N1 Force NFTs, 10KTF, and derivative projects. It allows users to look up the NFTs by their Token ID. Alternatively, there are several filters to sort the pieces by price, NFT rarity rank, type, and more.

0n1 force NFT marketplace

The 0n1 Force NFT marketplace is powered by Origin Protocol.

A new buyer takes over 

In an attempt to grow the 0n1 Force IP and foster the community, the project founders began talks with potential buyers early this year. Later on October 29, Starlordy, the project manager, confirmed on their Discord server that the board has found a buyer.

“We are still at an extremely delicate phase of this process and our number one goal is to stick the landing and get the job done,” Starlordy wrote at the time. “The buyer has requested privacy during this period…take this as a positive sign we are moving forward step by step but exercise extreme patience as we will not be communicating any other details of the process until we have finally completed this transaction successfully…even after that there will be a period of planning the transition and roll out that will take some time.”

The team is yet to share more details about the buyer and the specifics of the deal. However, in a tweet, Non-Fungible Films’ Cameron Moulene wrote that they were unsuccefull in their bid to buy the project.

The future of 0n1 Force

Undoubtedly, 0n1 Force was one of the most sought-after generative art NFTs. As per DappRadar data, it was the 12th top all-time NFT collection just about two months after it launched—no small feat for a fresh collection at the peak of NFT momentum. It also has a solid roadmap in place. This includes a limited release of character-based merch, initial metaverse planning to bring the characters to life, events, and collaborative exhibitions. Moreover, the team has also started the drafting of a comic book. 

While several generative art NFTs have launched over the past two years, collections that fare well are those with great artwork, a good story, utility, and strong community backing. And 0n1 Force checks all the boxes! Although there have been several hiccups along the way, a new leadership team could significantly turn things around for the project. The coming months will be extremely critical for 0n1 Force, with the potential to make or break the project. 

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