OneOf Brings Iconic ‘90s Moments to Life with Pamela Anderson Digital Collectibles

Pamela Anderson on the set of Baywatch for OneOf

OneOf, a Web3 platform for digital collectibles, is bringing 90’s star Pamela Anderson from the beaches of Baywatch to the blockchain. And the best part? OneOf requires zero crypto experience. So, what do collectors receive? Let’s take a look at the Pamela Anderson collectibles!

Image from OneOf showing Pamela Anderson on the set of Baywatch

Pamela Anderson in her breakthrough role on Baywatch
Image Credit: Globe Entertainment

What are the Pamela Anderson Digital Collectibles?

The collection features 40 unique photographs from the Globe Entertainment archive, one of the world’s largest photo libraries with many previously-unseen images. These slides show Pamela Anderson’s time on the set of Baywatch, partying with rock stars Tommy Lee and Bret Michaels, and appearances at exclusive events.  

This OneOf collection is a phygital piece, combining physical photographs with digital certificates of authenticity. Therefore, buyers receive a physical 2×2 inch vintage photo slide of their choosing encased in a 5×5 inch acrylic frame. Each frame contains an NFC tag. When scanned with a smartphone, the NFC Tag brings up a Digital Certificate of Authenticity on the phone’s default browser, confirming the buyer’s ownership of the physical slide. 

Photo from OneOf showing Pamela Anderson partying with Bret Michaels

Pamela Anderson partying with Bret Michaels
Image Credit: Globe Entertainment

How Can You Buy the OneOf Collectible?

Holders of the OneOf OnePass get first access to the Pamela Anderson collection. This comes at an exclusive price of $199 per item. Anyone on the pre-sale list can then buy slides through the OneOf marketplace for $250 each on March 7. Finally, the general public can buy any remaining slides for $300 on March 14.

With collections featuring celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, Doja Cat, and the Notorious B.I.G., OneOf is well-positioned to help bridge the gap between traditional collectors and Web3.


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