OneOf x Moonpay Partner To Create A Seamless UX

The picture shows a logo of OneOf as it partners with Moonpay

OneOf, the premier green NFT platform for music, sports, and bands, is partnering with Moonpay. The partnership will enable global payments for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, and Tez on the NFT platform.

The picture shows a logo of OneOf as it partners with Moonpay

OneOf integrates Moonpay into its green NFT platform for easier NFT purchases. Credit: OneOf on Twitter

OneOf Partners with Moonpay for Easier NFT Access

Since its launch, OneOf has been popular among NFT creators. Its $0 gas minting fee allowed artists the freedom and access to release affordable NFTs. In fact, among the platform’s latest collaborations are a Biggie Smalls NFT collection and NFTs for the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Moreover, OneOf has enabled credit card purchases since day 1. This allowed non-crypto-native fans to own their favorite musicians and athletes’ NFT projects. Now, its Moonpay integration grants OneOf users more options to buy, sell, and trade NFTs.

According to Lin Dai, CEO and Co-Founder of OneOf, OneOf is thrilled to be integrating MoonPay’s top-notch technology. Additionally, he said it will provide users with a simple, fast, and safe way to transact in crypto.

“Our mission has always been democratizing the access to blockchain and Web3 for ALL fans and lowering the onboarding friction for creators. Our partnership with MoonPay will continue to drive this mission forward,” Dai added.

“We are excited to be partnering with top NFT marketplace OneOf to expand artists and users’ access to NFTs,” said Tyler Hoffman, Vice President Of Business Development at MoonPay.

“Through partnerships like this with OneOf, MoonPay can scale accessibility. At the same time, bridge gaps that exist to ensure billions of people can take part in the ongoing digital transformation that Web3 has brought. OneOf’s commitment to onboarding the next generation of fans onto the blockchain and web3 via NFTs from its world-class caliber artists, athletes, and brand partners makes it a perfect partner fit for MoonPay’s vision.”

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