Otherside by Yuga Labs presents: Legends of the Mara

A new chapter is opening for the Yuga Labs Otherside project. Yuga Labs announced on Tuesday the launch of Legends of Mara, a collection-based 2D strategy game. So, what is this new blockchain game? Let’s take a look!

An image of the logo of "Legends of the Mara", the new chapter of the Otherdeed saga by Yuga Labs.

A New Step for Yuga Labs and the Otherside

Legends of Mara starts right after the Otherside 2nd trip, organized on the 25th of March. 7,200 players participated in this live test of the persistent world imagined by Yuga Labs. For this experiment, the community was split into four teams, spearheaded by Jimmy Wong, Brycent, Lowbellie, and Champ Medici. Players explored the Yuga Lab’s metaverse, participating in various activities and contests. The new episode announced on Tuesday consists of a collection-based 2D strategy game. It will focus on the origins of the Kodas, their primal relationship with their environment, and the story of the Otherside itself.

Kodas are the primary keepers of Otherside. They are present on certain Otherdeed NFTs and can be decoupled from them, or added. As Yuga Labs indicated, each Otherdeed holder – they’re called “Voyagers” – will be able to claim a Vessel NFT. Vessels are meteors that players will use to defend the Otherside.

These vessels can evolve into apprentices known as Mara, that will be able to perform one of the three following functions: Hunting, Farming, or Enchanting. Maras will be ERC-721 tokens separate from Vessels, with a new contract. On top of that, Maras can eventually evolve into “Kodamaras”, which are more skilled creatures.

Some details of the game are still unclear, and there’s a lot of speculation about it. Some, for example, think that it will be a 2D strategy game like Age of Empires or Command and conquer. In fact, we will know more in a few weeks. The claim period for the vessels will open in April, whereas the game will start in June.

Until then, the enthusiasm is high amongst the Otherdeed community. The floor price increased by nearly 20% immediately after the announcement by Yuga Labs.

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