Own a Piece of Literary History With the ‘Brave New World’ NFT Book

Aldoux Huxley probably never foresaw a future in which his books would be made into NFTs

The Sci-Fi book “Brave New World” will soon be transformed into NFTs. The Algorand Foundation and Book.io are teaming up to bring 10,000 eBooks of Aldous Huxley’s classic to the blockchain. What do we know about the “Brave New World” NFTs?

Aldous Huxley's Brave New World will soon be made into an NFT

Aldous Huxley’s most famous book will soon be entering a Brave New World of its own — NFTs!
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What Do We Know about the “Brave New World” Book NFTs?

Consensus 2023 attendees received vouchers with free redemption codes to secure one of 10,000 eBooks. Further, each NFT features one of 500 different covers designed by AI artists. As an added layer, the covers come in different rarities, giving collectors a chance to purchase their favorite pieces.

The collection will launch on the Algorand blockchain. The layer 1 chain is synonymous with high volume capacity and near-zero transaction fees.

Book.io Co-Founder Ben Illian states, “Algorand is a partner who shares our ethos. At Book.io, we believe that books should be unchangeable, immutable, and live forever across borders. We chose Algorand because of its scalability, minimal transaction fees, and near-zero carbon footprint.  We want the whole world to be able to own their digital assets and digital books, making it impossible for central authorities to ban or censor books at their discretion.”

Aldoux Huxley probably never foresaw a future in which his books would be made into NFTs

Huxley fans can now buy NFTs of his most famous work
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What is Book.io?

Book.io is a new kind of eBook retailer. The company developed a technology called “decentralized encrypted assets” that allows digital assets like NFTs to live entirely on blockchain. By doing so, Book.io customers do not need to depend on centralized servers or middlemen to view their media. Additionally, this technology encrypts the books so that only the eBook owners can view their materials.

The company believes strongly in the ethos of cryptocurrency. The selection of Huxley’s “Brave New World” is not a coincidence. The dystopian novel paints a chilling portrait of what our future might look like– a world in which citizens live under almost complete government control.

Not surprisingly, “Brave New World’ is among the most banned books in history. Therefore, by minting 10,000 digital copies of it on the blockchain, Book.io is helping make sure its message will not be lost anytime soon.


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