Paris Hilton Is Building A Virtual Malibu Mansion In The Sandbox

Paris Hilton in the sandbox

The Sandbox announced yesterday, August 9, that it has partnered with Entrepreneur, DJ, and OG crypto queen Paris Hilton to build her virtual Malibu Mansion. In collaboration with Hilton’s firm, 11:11 Media, The Sandbox is bringing the star’s world to the metaverse. With this move, her fans and community will get an all-new means to connect with the star.

Here’s all you need to know about the Sandbox x Paris Hilton Malibu Mansion:

Paris Hilton in the sandbox

Paris Hilton’s Malibu Mansion is coming to The Sandbox. Credit: The Sandbox

About the virtual Malibu Mansion by The Sandbox x Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is one of the early adopters of Web3 and has long been a vocal supporter of NFTs, metaverses, and all things Web3. Her latest partnership with The Sandbox further cements her Web3 presence. 

Hilton’s virtual Malibu Mansion will enable her fans to connect with her in new ways. For instance, Hilton will host social and community events, including rooftop parties and glamorous social experiences in the virtual mansion. Besides, she is planning a unique Halloween event at her LAND. Moreover, fans can expect 11 new Sandbox avatars representing Paris Hilton’s various personalities. 

“I am beyond excited to expand Paris World further into the metaverse,” said Paris Hilton. “In collaboration with my amazing partner The Sandbox, my team is dedicated to building an incredible real-life experience for my fans.”

For now, neither The Sandbox nor Paris Hilton has shared more details about the virtual Malibu Mansion. We can likely expect more information in the coming days and weeks.

Paris hilton party in the sandbox

Get ready for rooftop parties with the OG crypto queen! Credit: The Sandbox

Paris Hilton is the OG crypto queen

As previously mentioned, Paris Hilton was one of the first celebrities to embrace the Web3 world. In fact, she started investing in crypto as early as 2016. Later, in 2019, Hilton made her first NFT, which she sold in March 2020 for charity. As a matter of fact, her piece won the “Best Charity NFT” at the NFT Awards ceremony. 

The following year in April, Hilton launched her NFT collection. A piece from this, called Iconic Crypto Queen, went on to fetch $1.1 million at the time. Apart from releasing her own NFTs, she is an avid NFT collector as well. 

Early this year, Paris Hilton bought Bored Ape #1294—currently the most expensive NFT in her portfolio. She even flaunted the NFT on Jimmy Fallon’s TV show. She is also an advisor and investor at Origin Protocol, helping people mint their NFTs. More recently, she partnered with the Los Angeles County Museum Of Art for a fund supporting digital artwork from female artists.

About The Sandbox

The Sandbox, in its own words, is “part virtual real estate, part amusement park”. Essentially, it is a virtual world where “players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences in the Ethereum blockchain”. While the company was founded in 2011, the founders brought the Sandbox ecosystem to the blockchain in 2018.

Since then, the metaverse has partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry. The list includes Snoop Dogg, Adidas, Deadmau5, Ubisoft, and Steve Aoki, to name a few. 

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