Parsons School of Design Partners with Roblox to Explore Digital Fashion

two Roblox avatars wearing fashion items

Parsons School of Design is collaborating with Roblox to shape the future of digital fashion education! Specifically, students will partner with Roblox designers to create items. These items will be available for both physical sale at Parsons, and digital sale on Roblox’s avatar marketplace. Let’s take a closer look at the digital fashion initiative.


  • Parsons School of Design partners with Roblox to explore digital fashion trends and education.
  • Students will collaborate on designing items for both physical sale at Parsons and digital sale on Roblox.
  • The collaboration emphasizes the impact of the metaverse on fashion and the need for innovative, accessible designs.

two Roblox avatars wearing fashion items

Roblox – Shaping the Future of Avatar Fashion

In addition to creating digital fashion, the partnership also includes a Metaverse Fashion Trends report. This report explores the influence of digital fashion on the physical world. To clarify, Gen Z’s immersion in platforms like Roblox signifies the growing impact of metaverse trends on fashion.

Therefore, the partnership highlights the importance of digital self-expression for Gen Z and the role of technology in accessible fashion design. Moreover, collaboration aims to empower the next generation of fashion designers to push creative boundaries in the metaverse.

As digital fashion gains prominence, designers must adapt to creating in 3D and explore new possibilities. The partnership underscores the fusion of fashion and technology, as the metaverse transforms traditional fashion concepts. There are many fashion brands already exploring digital fashion, such as Louis Vuitton’s NFT collection, Nike’s dot.swoosh, and Balmain’s Unicorn sneaker.

Finally, the alliance signifies a shift towards democratizing the creative profession through technology and innovation. With the younger generation embracing digital trends, the collaboration paves the way for a boundary-breaking future.

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