Pixelynx Is Revolutionizing Music Creation With The Latest mau5trapDNA Project!

a screengrab of Pixelynx mau5trap on Korus website

Pixelynx rallies all music creators and EDM enthusiasts, and mau5trap fans with its latest electrifying drop! Get ready for an intense digital collectible drop that revolutionizes the way you engage with your favorite music and artists. Say hello to mau5trapDNA, a series of sequential content drops designed to offer immediate entertainment and exclusive benefits with ongoing utility.


  • mau5trapDNA is a digital collectible drop with exclusive benefits for creators, EDM fans, and mau5trap enthusiasts.
  • Holders gain licensed commercial rights, access to AI tools, limited-edition tracks, VIP access, and more.
  • mau5trapDNA also integrates with KORs, enabling users to generate new music content and engage in the PIXELYNX metaverse.

a screengrab of Pixelynx mau5trap on Korus website

Pixelynx Mau5trap: The Details

mau5trapDNA is not your ordinary collectible. It goes beyond the realm of physical artifacts and dives into the immersive world of music and remixing. Furthermore, mau5trapDNA provides holders with the music and rights needed to remix tracks and releases from mau5trap artists. This is through a series of Artist DNA airdrops over six weeks. Imagine having access to music tracks, AI-model stems, artwork, and also videos that you can use to create your own unique versions of mau5trap’s iconic tunes.

But that’s not all that the mau5trapDNA project offers. Holders of these digital collectibles unlock a plethora of utilities that bring them closer to the music and artists they adore. Picture yourself with licensed commercial rights to artist source material. In totality, these elements help you create, self-publish, and sell remixed content as Digital Collectibles. All the while you also earn revenue from your original assets. Additionally, you gain access to cutting-edge AI tools that fuel the creation of user-generated remixes, sounds, and other captivating content.

mau5trapDNA is all about exclusivity and VIP treatment. As a holder, you receive limited-edition collectible tracks and exclusive artist content throughout the year. You also gain VIP access to community events, rare artist-branded and curated content, and exclusive experiences. All of these put you at the center of the community and make you a true insider. The perks continue with special access to mau5trapDNA merch drops and exclusive discount codes. It’s a wacky and wild world that amplifies your passion for mau5trap and EDM.

How to Get the Best Out of Your mau5trap Experience

Now, you must be wondering how to jump into this extraordinary experience. The mau5trapDNA CODEX Digital Collectible is your key. Priced at 120 MATIC, it grants you access to the mau5trapDNA universe. The public sale for mau5trapDNA begins on June 7, 2023, at 20:00 UTC, and you can purchase up to three CODEX Digital Collectibles per transaction. Hurry, because there are only 1,000 mau5trapDNA digital collectibles available at the time of the drop.

a picture of the CODEX NFT on Korus for Pixelynx

But mau5trapDNA doesn’t stop there. It seamlessly integrates with KORs, an innovative AI framework and set of smart contracts. KORs enable users to generate new music content, trade, collect, and also engage with others in the PIXELYNX metaverse. With mau5trapDNA, you can access unique artist content that combines seamlessly with AI tools. This creates new music experiences on KORUS.

In the vast PIXELYNX ecosystem, mau5trapDNA takes center stage as the first of many Artist DNA drops. It bridges the gap between collectors and creators. Moreover, it revolutionizes the fan experience and provides endless opportunities for the industry. This collaboration between mau5trap and PIXELYNX propels innovation in the new music age, inviting creators to engage and also build a vibrant community.

So, are you ready to unleash your passion for mau5trap and join the mau5trapDNA revolution? Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity! Own a piece of the music you love and co-create a decentralized and exciting world. Get your mau5trapDNA CODEX Digital Collectible and let the magic begin!

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