Playboy Celebrates Its 69th Birthday In The Sandbox Metaverse!

Playboy is all set to celebrate its 69th birthday bash in the Sandbox metaverse! The iconic brand will also release an NFT collection reflecting the brand’s exotic history. The free for all Playboy 69th Birthday experience in The Sandbox will run from 12 to 19 December 2022. Read on to learn more about this experience.

A picture of voxelized Playboy playable characters on the Sandbox metaverse for Playboy 69th Birthday

What Is The Playboy 69th Birthday Experience On Sandbox All About?

The Sandbox Playboy 69th Birthday bash will run for 6.9 days starting December 12th. This experience will feature all operating playable Playboy Sandbox characters like Playboy Rabbitars, Playboy Party People and also iconic characters from Playboy’s past and present. DJ BLOND:SH will set ablaze the dance floor and players can play-to-earn special rewards!

“We’ve had so much fun working with The Sandbox to carve out special moments and opportunities including the recent California Dreamin’ LAND sale, free avatars for our Playboy Rabbitars, and our new NFT collection, The Playboy Party People,” said Liz Suman, VP of Art, Editorial and Web3 Projects at Playboy. “We hope to surprise and delight our communities while building the foundation for a larger MetaMansion experience that celebrates pleasure in the metaverse, and the 69th Birthday Party experience is just a preview of what’s to come!”

The collection starts with the iconic April 1956 cover of the Playboy magazine. The voxelized collectibles will span Playboy’s past, present, and future. The experience will also offer opportunities for players to be rewarded with play-and-earn mechanics. These will include extra rewards available to owners of Playboy Rabbitars and Playboy Party People avatars.

Players eligible for rewards will need to register through a KYC process. Players who complete at least one quest within the experience will also receive a Playboy 69th Birthday in-game digital collectible. The total rewards pool for this event is 100,000 SAND, split between all eligible participants. Finally, an additional 50,000 SAND will be divided equally between all eligible participants.

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