Playboy Rabbitars NFT Collectibles Feature Cute Rabbit Avatars

Playboy, the iconic lifestyle and entertainment magazine, is parlaying its iconography, heritage, and lore in the upcoming Playboy Rabbitars NFT Collection. As the name suggests, this project immortalizes the brand’s internationally recognized logo as a full-blown NFT Collectible.

While other brands are still wetting their feet, Playboy is already doubling down on its NFT presence. The brand first entered the NFT scene last Spring with its Liquid Summer collection in collaboration with artist Slimesunday. It was a massive commercial success, with the entire Collection selling out in under three minutes. Then, it released its Miami Beach NFT Collection on SuperRare, in time for the 2021 Bitcoin Conference.

Playboy Rabbitars NFT Collection

The Rabbitars NFT Collection immortalizes one of the world’s most iconic brands as an NFT Collectible. Credit: Playboy

Why should I hop into the Playboy Rabbitars NFT Collection?

Paying homage to its founding year 1953, Playboy will release 11,953 unique 3D rabbit characters aka Rabbitars, into the Metaverse. Moreover, the project will generate each Rabbitar from a pool of  175+ traits, including fur, ears, facial expressions, apparel, accessories, occupation-related characteristics, and more.

The project position the Rabbitars as the rare species inhabiting the mythical Leveretia metaverse. They possess extraordinary speed, cunning, cultural sophistication, razor-sharp wit and in some cases, sexual prowess.

Playboy Rabbitar NFT Collection

In terms of aesthetics, the Rabbitars draws its inspiration from the magazine’s logo and rich content. Credit: Playboy

Some of the rarest Rabbitar traits are inspired by culturally significant aspects of Playboy’s art and editorial history. The team wants to ensure that owning a Rabbitar NFT would translate to owning a piece of Playboy’s history. As such, some of the characters sports existing Playboy apparel and accessories such as Bunny Ears, Rabbit Head hoodies and the signature Playmate Necklace.

Moreover, the project spread across countless references to past Playboy artists, stories and muses. As you browse the NFT Collection, you’ll discover countless Easter eggs that will unlock the true meaning of the characters. For example, some of the traits of the rabbit avatars reimagine the imagery of past contributors Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, and LeRoy Neiman.

How about Utility?

The Rabbitars NFT Collection is the brainchild of Playboy’s dedicated Web3 Innovation Team. To bring this project to life, they partnered with Possible Studios and WENEW. The art studio and blockchain technology company is in charge of ensuring that both newbies and OG NFT enthusiasts will find value in the Collection.

The magazine is confident that blockchain is the perfect way to build Playboy’s membership offerings. So owning a Rabbitar automatically makes you part of the Playboy Club. Moreover, it also means that you are one of the earliest pioneers of Playboy’s journey into the world of Web3.

According to the website, each Rabbitar is a key that unlocks membership to all the possibilities of Playboy on the blockchain. So NFT holders will have exclusive access to Playboy art and artist collaborations, IRL and Metaverse events and experiences. This means that the Rabbitar community is the start of true blockchain-based membership for Playboy.

The NFTs will be available on the Playboy Rabbitars website on October 26 for 0.1953 ETH or approximately $730.

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