POAP x Warner Music Group Partner For Rapper Kevin Gates’ Concert

Poster for Kevin Gates Red Rocks Show

Warner Music Group artist Kevin Gates will be providing NFTs for fans courtesy of POAP! Warner Music Group has announced that it is partnering with the Proof of Attendance Protocol NFT providers. Thus, the groups will be giving out POAPs for Gates’ concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado.

Poster for Kevin Gates Red Rocks Show, backed by POAP and Warner Music Group

Warner Music Group is partnering with POAP to provide NFTs to fans attending Kevin Gates’ show at Red Rocks in Colorado. Credit: Warner Music Group

Warner Music Group rewarding Kevin Gates’ fans with POAPs

The Kevin Gates POAPs courtesy of Warner Music Group will go out to attendees of the rapper’s major show at the iconic Red Rocks music venue. The show is part of Gate’s Khaza tour and will take place on April 16th.

The “I Don’t Get Tired” rapper remarked that he is “nervous, excited but ready” for his first-ever Red Rocks appearance. He added, “Can’t wait for everyone to grab their POAPs so we can commemorate and remember this experience forever.”

The partnership is another example of POAP extending its reach in major in-person events. The attendance protocol recently created NFTs for musician Oliver Tree’s album launch. In addition, it has produced POAPs for Adidas, Budweiser, Lollapalooza, and the US Open among other major brands.

By the same token, Warner Music Group has been making major strides into Web3 for months now. For example, the music giant announced a high-profile partnership with The Sandbox metaverse back in January.

To be sure, POAP is likely to be a bigger factor as live music gets back on its feet in the coming months. POAPs are an increasingly popular way for artists and labels to reward fans, as well as open the door to fan rewards in the future. Certainly, Warner Music Group will continue to use POAPs with its huge roster of global artists in the future.

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