Ponderware May Be Selling Off The IP Rights To MoonCat Rescue NFTs

Image of five MoonCats NFTs

Ponderware, the creators of the historic NFT collections, MoonCats, is open to selling the IP rights. This exciting development comes after numerous concerns from the MoonCats community, eager to see the project evolve and offer something new.

Image of five MoonCats NFTs

The MoonCats team have suggested that they are open to selling the IP rights to the collection.

In a statement via their Discord, they confirmed that all options are on the table.
MoonCats, (officially MoonCatRescue) is a genuine piece of NFT history. This 8-bit NFT collection of 25,440 pieces came out in 2017, shortly after CryptoPunks.

What is the significance of the MoonCats NFT collection?

It is one of the earliest NFT projects and one of the first generative art Ethereum NFT projects. Significantly though, there was no public mint, so the founders never got the investment money that NFT projects now receive.

In the Discord statement, the MoonCats NFT team said, “Ponderware is open to at least hearing offers from those interested in acquiring the MoonCat IP and hearing what vision they have for the brand”. This suggests that they want to know how new owners would continue the project. Clearly, they want to see if it would align with their principles.

Finally, a new NFT project called Moonbirds raised over $66 million in recent days. The project was launched with a 2.5 ETH mint price. Importantly, this will now allow the team to develop and further the project, which is something that the MoonCats NFT team never got the chance to experience.

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