Prestigious Football Award Ballon d’Or To Drop NFT Collection

A golden football representing the Ballon d’Or NFT collection

Ballon d’Or, the prestigious football award from the French group L’Équipe is all set to make a grand Web3 entry. Created by France Football in 1956, the 66th edition of the award will release the Ballon d’Or NFT collection. Naturally, the NFT owners will get access to one of the most exclusive football circles in the world. 

Here’s all you need to know about the Ballon d’Or NFT collection:

A golden football representing the Ballon d’Or NFT collection

The Ballon d’Or NFT collection will drop this month.

What is the Ballon d’Or NFT collection?

One of the primary aims behind the Ballon d’Or NFT collection is to make the trophy more accessible. To explain, each NFT serves as an entry to a slew of benefits. This includes access to the coveted Ballon d’Or award ceremony for the next 20 years. 

Additionally, NFT holders will have access to exclusive live experiences. Apart from this, Fantasy football fans will have a chance to collect limited edition Sorare mystery cards. Besides, all five winners of this year’s awards will receive a digital twin of their trophies.

With this NFT collection, L’Équipe group hopes to cement itself in the burgeoning Web3 space. Ultimately, it is aiming to lure in technology enthusiasts as well to the ever-growing Ballond’ Or football community. 

Who created the Ballon d’Or NFT collection?

Contemporary artist Léo Caillard is the creator of the spectacular Ballon d’Or NFT collection. Caillard, who graduated from the Gobelins School, is a crypto artist and member of the NFT Factory collective.

Caillard’s Ballon d’Or NFTs are based on pyrite—the stone that forms the base of the coveted trophy. An extremely rare mineral, pyrite is made up of precious metals and atoms, making the trophy truly unique. Thanks to the NFT collection, football fans will now have a chance to own its digitised version.

Further, the NFTs are based on the Tezos blockchain. According to L’Équipe group, Tezos’ scalability and low carbon footprint made it the perfect choice.

pyrite stone as NFT

Caillard has based the NFT designs on pyrite.

When does the collection drop?

Firstly, L’Équipe group auctioned three unique 3D NFTs designed by Caillard last month. The winners will get access to the awards ceremony on October 17 at the Théâtre du Châtelet. As previously mentioned, each winner will get an NFT from the collection during the ceremony.

Then, on October 23, a 24-hour-long private sale will go live. During the day, 1772 NFTs of the total 2022 NFTs will be up for sale in Tez for whitelisted users. The NFTs will cost 199 Euros per piece. Later, the collection will officially drop on October 25. The NFTs during the public sale will cost 249 Euros.

Finally, on November 8, L’Équipe group will auction two unique NFTs by Caillard. The single prints will be auctioned by the auction house, Millon.

All in all, a major group like L’Équipe’s entry into the Web3 space spells big things for the industry. You can learn more about the Ballon d’Or NFT collection on its website. Make sure to follow Ballon d’Or on Twitter and join its Discord server for all the latest updates!