Psychedelics Anonymous Is “More Than A Collection Of NFTs”. Apparently.

Psychedelics Anonymous is the latest NFT collection with lofty goals and tons of hype behind it. Indeed the collection of 3D avatars has an extensive roadmap and a website that goes to great lengths to show how it is different from other projects. But will the project be able to deliver on its many impressive promises?

Image of Pscyhedelics Anonymous NFTs

Like many PFP collections before it, Psychedelics Anonymous promises to be more than just another set of NFT avatars. Credit: Psychedelics Anonymous

Psychedelics Anonymous Site Promises Real Utility

These days, the NFT market can feel somewhat overcrowded. In light of how many projects launch every single day, it has become that much harder for prospective buyers to find quality projects.

By the same token, new projects face a real challenge when it comes to standing out in the crowd. Many projects handle this by promising to deliver utility that other projects cannot.

Enter Psychedelics Anonymous. The project boasts several impressive bona fides. For example, its seven-person core team is fully doxed and has what the website describes as  85+ years of relevant experience.

The project promises utility in the form of professional counseling for its community, fitness clubs, IRL and metaverse events, and merch, among other things. Of course, a big component is its donations to organizations that offer psychedelic-assisted therapy.

To be sure, it seems as though Psychedelics Anonymous’ approach has worked thus far. It has sold around 6500 of its genesis NFTs, and just under 4000 of its other three NFT collections at present. Not to mention that it’s only about halfway through its 24-hour presale.

To clarify, the team decided to sell 4 different kinds of NFTs right from the start. The 0.088 ETH Genesis collection, two passes – one IRL, one metaverse – for 0.06 ETH, and a “Component #1” NFT for 0.045 ETH.

Significantly there are 9595 of each of the four NFT collections.

Screengrab from Psychedelics anonymous website

The Psychedelics Anonymous website makes a lot of promises of what the team will accomplish. Credit: Psychedelics Anonymous

Time Will Tell If The Project Reaches Its Goals

Some people have remarked on the resemblance between the Psychedelics Anonymous NFTs and another hyped 3D avatar project, Unc0vered. That project seemingly ended up being a rug pull. It hasn’t tweeted in over two months, and its current floor price on Opensea is 1/100th of its mint price.

While that may be true, it’s safe to say that this project is sincere in its goals. At least, that’s what having a fully doxed team suggests.

Nevertheless, as with any of the incredibly hyped 3d NFT collections we have seen in the second half of the year, we’ll have to wait and see how Psychedelics Anonymous will fair.

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