Pudgy Penguins Lil Pudgys Can Now Travel Across Chains!

Lil Pudgy’s, the NFT collection originating from Pudgy Penguins, are officially cross-chain! The collection is now available to other ecosystems such as Arbitrum, Polygon, and BNB Chain. Other ecosystems will be added down the line. Here’s what you should know about the recent announcement:

Lil Pudgy's cross-chain

The lil Pudgy’s NFT collection can now travel across multiple chains including Arbitrum, Polygon, and BNB Chain.

Lil Pudgys are Now Cross-Chain!

Pudgy Penguin’s Twitter account announced today that its collection can now travel across multiple chains. This includes Arbitrum, Polygon, and the BNB Chain. In other words, holders can bridge their Lil Pudgy’s NFT to other ecosystems. Additionally, you can transfer your Pudgy NFT by simply visiting the Pudgy Bridge website, selecting your NFT, and then choosing the chain of your choice. With this strategic move, Pudgy Penguins hopes to create unique opportunities in the future and expand its ecosystem. Moreover, the bridging feature was made possible due to the development of LayerZero Labs’ omnichain technology. 

Pudgy Penguins Soulbound Token

Furthermore, Pudgy Penguins is utilizing the new soulTransport technology to issue Soulbound tokens. To specify, soulTransport technology will automatically reward you with a soulbound token based on the chain you select for bringing your Lil Pudgy NFT. Bridgers can expect to receive their SBT within 5 minutes of bridging.

It’s worth noting that only the Lil Pudgy’s will be able to travel between chains. However, the Pudgy Penguins collection may be able to do the same in the future.

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