Ralph Lauren x Poolsuite NFT Gifted to Community in First-Ever Brand Collaboration

Poolsuite is partnering with Ralph Lauren to create a new NFT

Poolsuite announced a collaboration with Ralph Lauren yesterday, this marks the first time the NFT project is partnering with a major brand. What do we know about the Poolsuite collaboration with Ralph Lauren?

Poolsuite is partnering with Ralph Lauren to create a new NFT

Poolsuite is partnering with Ralph Lauren to create value for its NFT holders
Image Credit: Poolsuite

What Do We Know About Poolsuite’s Collaboration With Ralph Lauren?

Poolsuite and Ralph Lauren are working together to design a Ralph Lauren x Poolsuite NFT. By owning the Ralph Lauren x Poolsuite NFT, holders will gain exclusive access to an upcoming special event. Owners of Poolsuite’s Grand Leisure collection will also be able to update the “Leisurist” Avatars with Ralph Lauren swag.

This partnership is part of Ralph Lauren’s larger Web3 vision. The fashion brand also just opened a new store in Miami’s Design District that accepts cryptocurrency for payments. So, by partnering with Bitpay, customers can now use various cryptocurrencies to buy from the store’s curated selection of apparel, handbags, and accessories.

Ralph Lauren is also hosting a 3-day event at a beachfront North Miami estate in April. The fashion giant intends to create an immersive experience to give visitors a glimpse into “a distinctly Ralph Lauren expression of coastal living.”

What is the Poolsuite NFT Project?

The Poolsuite NFT collection launched in November 2021. The 2,500 piece project is a membership club that gives owners perks and access to events centered around the Miami, FL lifestyle. The self-described “internet leisure company” created the NFT collection as their entrance into Web3.

Poolsuite founder Marty Bell wrote, “I’m thrilled to announce that our beloved organisation will imminently begin transitioning into the new interweb world, otherwise known as “The Web III”. Our first drop, the Executive Member NFT*, will grant holders early access to a new suite of projects & tools we’re about to begin building – alongside early access to our upcoming Poolsuite token, which will power our soon-to-be-thriving internet leisure economy.”

The collection has over 3,200 eth volume since launch and currently sits at a .7 eth floor.

Why did Marty Bell Create Poolsuite?

Marty Bell created Poolsuite to have fun. Bell, a native of Scotland, fell in love with laidback American beach music and wanted to share his favorite playlists with others. So, he decided to create a website that would be part internet radio station and part homage to the aesthetic of 80’s beach-themed advertisements.

Poolsuite's retro aesthetic has been a hit from day one

Poolsuite’s website is a time warp to 1980’s Miami
Image Credit: Poolsuite

The result of this mash-up became Poolsuite. It’s a pixelated, 80’s looking website with chunky graphics and links to playlists, apps, and newsletter signup. Weekly newsletter ‘the Palm Report’ has over 83,000 subscribers and is “an uplifting cocktail of content exploring the good life”.

Poolsuite was an instant success. Fans of the website were immediately drawn to the nostalgic, early internet artwork and loved Bell’s music selections. Bell has been careful to protect his company’s brand since launch. He denied multiple partnership requests to create craft beer, pool floats, swim trunks, and other products. Eventually, however, he agreed to produce a line of sunscreen. The sunscreen is called “The World’s Best Smelling Sunscreen”, has notes of coconut and banana, and fits the Poolsuite’s brand perfectly.

Bell clearly has a clear vision for Poolsuite’s future. He has carefully crafted his company’s image.  By partnering with Ralph Lauren, he is helping create value for his Poolsuite NFT holders and bringing the chill, beachy vibes to Web3.


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