Rare Ape CryptoPunk Sells For Almost $4.5 Million

Image of CryptoPunks Ape in hoodie with purple background

Overnight, a rare Ape CryptoPunks NFT has sold for an enormous price of 3,300 ETH ($4.28 million). The sale makes the Ape the fourth-highest Punks sale of all time and second-highest in 2022. In the middle of what many perceive to be an NFT bear market, it is interesting to see how CryptoPunks can still pull off huge record-breaking sales.

Image of CryptoPunks Ape in hoodie with purple background

CryptoPunks Ape #2924 has been sold for 3,300 ETH (almost $4.5 million)

CryptoPunks Ape #2924 sells for over three thousand ETH!

Apes are incredibly rare in the collection of 10,000 Punks. In fact, there are only 24 in existence, and collectors and holders have locked many of these away. Interestingly, Ape #2924 only has one attribute, and there are only 333 Punks in total, with just one accessory.

This accessory is a Hoodie, and only 259 Punks wear the Hoodie. When you combine the Ape with the Hoodie, you get an extremely rare and unique-looking CryptoPunks NFT.

The sale for 3,300 ETH proves there is still massive interest in the CryptoPunks project. As the biggest and most recognizable NFT project, it is essential for the collection to continue thriving.

Who brought Ape #2924?

The previous owner, DANNYSECURE, is a well-known CryptoPunks holder with at least 20 in their OpenSea wallet. They own some of the rarest Punk NFTs, including #8348, which according to various ranking platforms, is the rarest CryptoPunks NFT in existence.

The new owner is unknown, but this recent transaction was well planned. The corresponding wallet was inactive for over 1947 days before yesterday, when it transferred a vast amount of ETH to the account.

Using this money, they purchased the rare CryptoPunks Ape NFT. However, they have not purchased any other NFTs with this account. For now, the owner of the new CryptoPunks NFT will remain a secret.

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