Rarible Launches ‘GM Mfer’ Specialty Coffee For NFT Degens

GM mfer coffee

As degens, we need our coffee. We spend late nights waiting for hyped mints and early mornings listening to Twitter spaces. We want to stay active in our community and welcome the world with a GM each morning, so we need a little caffeine boost to do this.

Now, you can mix your love of Jpegs with your love of specialty coffee, as Rarible launches ‘GM mfer’, specialty coffee for NFT degens.

GM mfer coffee

The first mfer-branded speciality coffee blend: GM mfer

What is GM mfer?

The first IRL mfer-branded coffee blend is a limited edition specialty coffee run, created in partnership with Creation Coffee. A light-medium roast which you can choose to have whole-bean or ground, Adam Ilenich says:

“The coffee is as good as the vibes”

Unlike the 10k mfer collection, there are only 200 bags of this first batch. If you’re a coffee lover then rest assured that this is the real deal – the coffee is high-quality, specialty grade, and ethically sourced.

Keeping community in mind, GM mfer gives back to the mfers, with 25% of all profits sent to the mfers treasury. So if you hold a mfer NFT, you can get your tasty beans and give back to the community.

Wondering about the utility? According to rarible,

“The utility is a bright blend of vibes that’ll keep any mfer wired and ready to build.” 

Where can I get this delicious-sounding specialty coffee?

If you live in the United States then you can have GM mfer delivered to you. Having partnered with Creation Coffee, who roast in Michigan, GM mfer can be shipped state-wide for $17.50 per bag and $4.99 shipping costs (or free shipping for orders over $35). Rarible tells us that you can’t use crypto yet – so perhaps that may be coming in the future.

Why did Rarible make GM mfer?

On why Rarible decided to drop a limited-edition coffee run, Adam Ilenich, head of community, had this to say:

“Everyone knows the adage, “bear markets are for building.” Oftentimes people mean building on the product, development, or engineering side. But why not on the community side as well?”

This idea of mfer-branded coffee came from within the community and was inspired by this tweet.

Twitter posts reading: "gm mfers would be a pretty damn good coffee blend"

The tweet which inspired the GM mfers coffee blend


Additionally, Rarible wanted to experiment with bringing cc0 brands to life in the physical realm. Due to the creative commons aspect of mfers, anyone can create anything with mfers plastered all over it. There have already been some amazing IRL mfer products (such as this embroidered mfers clothing range), and this specialty coffee is one more to add to the list.

There you have it. A community-focused initiative in the form of the hot beverage that unites degens.



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