Rarity League Returns With Exclusive NFL-licensed NFT Collection

Rarity League NFT crate

Rarity League, an official NFL-licensed collection featuring fan-inspired helmets, is all set to launch an exclusive collection. The collection will showcase 32 NFL teams with 708 NFTs per team. To be sure, these NFT helmets celebrate NFL’s fan culture and are a great means for fans to rep their favourite teams. The latest drop comes months after the inaugural release of Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals helmets

So, what exactly is Rarity League and what is their new NFT helmet collection all about?

Rarity League NFT crate

Rarity League’s second drop releases this month.

About Rarity League’s Exclusive Drop

Rarity League is a collection of unique generative art 3D helmet NFTs. Officially licensed by NFL, the NFTs in the collection feature more than 500 traits. They also come with varying rarities, including team-specific traits, backgrounds, and animations. All in all, the collection includes 2,500 NFTs for each team, which will be released in a series of drops. 

After a successful inaugural NFT helmet drop, Rarity League’s second release will go live on November 15, 2022. All 32 teams will have 708 collectibles each, priced at 0.14 ETH per NFT. Needless to say, the NFTs come with a slew of perks.

Cowboys NFL player

NFT helmets from 32 teams are up for grabs!

What utilities do holders get?

Notably, NFT holders will get to enjoy many unique benefits in NFL Rivals. NFL Rivals is the first NFL and NFLPA officially licensed blockchain game, set to launch in 2023. Within the game, Rarity League holders will be able to claim a Guild to recruit top players and compete for rewards. To explain, after claiming a Guild, the players will get added benefits, including NFL player cards, in-game currency, and resources. 

Next, Rarity League holders will get early access to buy NFL Rivals NFTs to build their NFL dream team. Besides, they will gain access to exclusive in-game tournaments rife with rewards such as rare NFTs, items, and resources. All Rarity League holders will also get early access to NFL Rival’s private Beta. 

NFL player wearing NFT helmet

The NFTs offer many utilities.

That’s not all—bonus rewards are in store for those who buy Rarity League collectibles within the first week of the NFT release. Additionally, those who mint three helmets in a single release will receive a Rivals Reward Token. One will receive an additional Reward Token by minting 5 helmets in a single release. 

But wait—what’s a Reward Token? Essentially, each token is a voucher that holders can redeem for a Founder’s Edition Player Card. However, the redemption period ends on November 21. What’s more, each player card is a guaranteed Rare, playable in NFL Rivals. The project will airdrop Rewards Tokens to the collector’s wallet before the end of the month. 

Rarity League helmet NFT

Build your favourite team on NFL Rivals!

What is NFL Rivals?

Developed in partnership with Mythical Games, NFL Rivals is NFL’s officially licenced upcoming blockchain game. Players can build their favourite teams by collecting, upgrading, and trading NFTs of their favourite players. The game will offer both solo gameplay and non-live player vs player (PVP) modes.

You can learn more about Rarity League on its website. Don’t forget to follow its Twitter page for the latest updates!