RECUR’s Most Exclusive Pass Sold at Christie’s x OpenSea Auction for 96 ETH

Giant tech company RECUR has just auctioned the Pure White Zero Pass via Christie’s and OpenSea for a whopping 96 ETH (about $420k). Following this impressive sale, there is today’s Portal Pass launch, offering early beta access to the RECUR extensive licensed IP roster.

Image of an exclusive RECUR Christie's NFT sale

NFT-focused company RECUR has sold it’s first NFT Pass for a record-breaking 96 ETH this week. Credits: RECUR

RECUR’s Pure White Zero Pass NFT, auctioned off with Christie’s

As the year comes to an end, NFT-focused company RECUR breaks yet another record. The group’s first NFT sold for 96 ETH, or about $420K, is the Pure White Zero Pass. This is the most exclusive digital asset from their Portal Pass collection, set to launch on December 9th via Nifty Gateway.

In essence, the Portal pass is a collection of NFTs offering lifelong opportunities to their holders. For example, the pass will firstly offer early beta access to RECUR’s extensive roster of licensed IP. Although the Pure White Zero Pass is one-of-a-kind, the other passes are equally special. In fact, these digital assets will only be available for 24 hours, never to be minted again!

What’s more, each pass is programmatically generated to change colors according to its corresponding number or edition. This special tech feature will determine the rarity of the pass, increasing its value.

screenshot of a RECUR announcement via Twitter

The tech company confirmed its partnership with Nifty Gateway for the exclusive RECUR Pass this week. Credits: Twitter

RECUR, growing at the speed of light

RECUR is undoubtedly among the fastest growing groups in the NFT tech space. The company, which developed on-chain NFT trading experiences, has recently received $50m in a series A funding round led by New York Mets’ Owner Steve Cohen himself. Furthermore, the group is also backed by other big names on the NFT market, such as Gary Vaynerchuck and Winklevoss Twins’ Gemini.

Of course, collaborating with an auction house as prestigious as Christie’s is among RECUR’s most notable achievements. Considering this impressive first sale, chances are that today’s RECUR pass drop via Nifty Gateway will be just as successful.

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