Red Bull Racing Makes Crypto History with SuiNetwork Partnership

SuiNetwork accelerates their expansion with Formula 1 frontrunners Red Bull Racing!  The partnership with the newly launched Sui blockchain signifies a multi-year agreement between Red Bull Racing and Mysten Labs, the creator of the SuiNetwork. This network caters to both real-world and online activities. Furthermore, the announcement of the alliance comes just before the highly anticipated Spanish GP race in Barcelona!


  1. Red Bull Racing forms a partnership with the Sui blockchain. This is a collaboration that aims to advance the Sui network for real-world and online activities.
  2. This announcement comes at a time when Formula 1 teams are moving away from crypto partnerships.
  3. Despite setbacks, the partnership signifies ongoing interest and opportunities for teams to explore crypto collaborations. It also suggests a potential for innovation and growth in the industry.

a picture of the SuiNetwork logo with Red Bull Racing logo

SuiNetwork x Red Bull Racing: Connecting Crypto to the Spanish GP

Mysten Labs, a team comprised mainly of Meta alumni, developed the Sui Network to address the pressing issue of scalability within the crypto ecosystem. The official partnership between the two industry giants was announced on June 1. Both SuiNetwork and Red Bull Racing took to Twitter to share the news.

This partnership between Sui Network and Red Bull Racing is a significant development. It is one that greatly advances the protocol’s visibility and endorsement. However, this collaboration comes at a time when several Formula 1 teams are moving away from crypto partnerships.

For instance, Red Bull Racing’s previous collaboration with the blockchain network Tezos came to an end in December 2022. Tezos was initially responsible for creating a collection of NFTs for the racing team but decided not to renew the agreement due to a misalignment with their current strategy. While the reported multi-year agreement between Red Bull Racing and Sui Network suggests a promising future, speculations arose regarding the termination of the Tezos partnership, indicating potential underlying factors at play.

Crypto’s F1 Woes

F1 and crypto haven’t always gone hand in hand. Similar occurrences have been observed in the Formula 1 community, such as FTX’s suspension of its sponsorship deal with the Mercedes AMG Petronas team following the exchange’s collapse in November of the same year. Nevertheless, there are teams that embrace crypto collaborations. For example, Williams Racing’s successful sponsorship agreement with the crypto exchange Kraken in March.

These developments highlight the ongoing interest and opportunities for teams to explore crypto partnerships. However, as the landscape of such collaborations continues to evolve, teams must adapt their strategies accordingly. The impact of these partnerships on the industry as a whole is still uncertain.

As Formula 1 teams navigate this shifting terrain, the future of crypto collaborations in the sport holds great potential for innovation and growth.

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