Rev Your Engines: Mattel Introduces Fast & Furious Collection in Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series

Mattel is releasing an NFT collection based on the Fast and Furious franchise

Mattel is bringing the Fast & Furious movie franchise into Web3 with a Hot Wheels NFT collection. The famous toymaker is timing the release with the much anticipated tenth installment of the franchise, Fast X. What is happening with the Hot Wheels NFT collection based on Fast & Furious?

Mattel is releasing an NFT collection based on the Fast and Furious franchise

The Fast and Furious film series is racing into Web3 this month
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The Hot Wheels NFT Project Based on Fast & Furious

The Hot Wheels NFT Garage x Fast & Furious collection will drop on May 22. Collectors can purchase limited edition packs of NFTs for $20. Further, the NFTs will feature fan-favorite cars from the film series, including Dominic Toretto’s 1970 Dodge Charger, Brian O’Conner’s 1969 Camero, and Suki’s Honda S2000.

Additionally, individuals who manage to collect the entire set of digital collectibles will receive an extra reward. Mattel is helping to bridge the digital world of NFTs to the world of IRL collectibles by rewarding these holders with a physical die-cast version of Suki’s car.

Mattel decided to partner with the Flow blockchain for the release. Buyers can take advantage of Flow’s user-friendly platform to purchase the digital assets with credit cards. By doing so, Mattel is making it easy to onboard non-crypto-native fans of the film franchise to Web3.

Mattel previously released Hot Wheels NFTs on the Wax blockhchain

Mattel is partnering with the Flow blockchain for the upcoming Fast and Furious NFT release
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Has Mattel Launched an NFT Collection Before?

Mattel previously collaborated with the Boss Beauties NFT project to release a collection based on the iconic Barbie line of toys earlier this month. The NFTs featured 250 of Barbie’s careers all in the Boss Beauties’ signature art style. Like the Hot Wheels release, the Barbie x Boss Beauties collection also launched exclusively on the Flow blockchain.

Furthermore, Mattel also worked with OnChain Studios to release a Star Wars-themed line of digital collectibles on May 4th, the unofficial Star Wars holiday. Called Cryptoys, these digital collectibles allowed holders to customize their NFTs with different apparel and accessories.

As we can see, Mattel clearly believes NFT technology will revolutionize the toy industry. Therefore, by taking the lead in releasing NFT projects for Fast and Furious, Barbie, and Star Wars, the toymaker is positioning itself to take full advantage.

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