Revuto Revulution NFTs: Get Lifetime Netflix & Spotify Subscriptions!

If you like your NFTs with clear utility then the Revulution NFTs from Revuto might be for you. In fact, holders of the Revulution NFTs will be getting lifetime subscriptions to both Netflix and Spotify. That’s right – no more need for sharing passwords! This may sound too good to be true but it is. So let’s learn all about these upcoming NFTs.

Revulution NFTs by Revuto

Revuto is delivering a clear and valuable utility with its Revulution NFTs.

What you should know about the Revulution NFTs from Revuto

First things first, how do the Revulution NFTs by Revuto work? Well, it’s actually pretty simple.

In partnership with the banking provider Railsr (former Railsbank) and, Revuto will give Revulution NFT holders a digital debit card. This is what holders can use to pay for their Netflix or Spotify subscriptions.

Obviously, this is a big deal by itself. To illustrate, the Revulution NFTs will cost $349. So for the price of about a year and a half of Netflix and Spotify, holders can get themselves a lifetime subscription. So for those who want both subscriptions, it’s a great deal.

In addition, the Revulution NFTs will be tradable on the secondary market. In those instances, Revuto deactivates the seller’s digital debit card and sends one to the new holder. This creates a revolutionary secondary marketplace for popular subscriptions. Indeed, the Revulution NFTs could be opening a door to a completely new way of handling subscription services.

As Revuto cofounder Josipa Majić stated:

“Our Revulution NFT for Netflix or Spotify is just the start… With such a unique approach, Revuto is introducing something completely new to the world of subscriptions. Something that will enable the creation of an entirely new market of prepaid unused subscriptions.”

Revuto will launch the Revulution NFTs on Monday, July 11 at 12 PM CET on its website. Users will be able to pay for the Revuto NFT with credit or debit cards, or using crypto. 

Revuto Revulution NFT poster

The Revulution NFTs from Revuto will offer holders lifetime subscriptions to Netflix and Spotify.

All about the subscription management startup, Revuto

To sum up, Revulution NFT creator Revuto is a Croatian startup company. Basically, Revuto developed an app to manage subscriptions and thus, help users save money. Notably, the company raised $10 million in 2021 alone. What’s more, Revuto has received three million early sign-ups for its app so far.

While the Revulution NFTs are yet to launch, Revuto already has 350,000 active users. Evidently, Revuto’s combination of fintech and crypto in its business model has been a hit for users. In other words, its run of success is a great sign for what could be to come with the Revulution NFTs.

Significantly, Revuto’s current users played a part in the Revulution NFTs coming to fruition. As the company’s CEO and cofounder Vedran Vukman noted,

“Based on the feedback we received from our 350,000 active and verified users, we have decided to give the community exactly what they have asked for – a solution that guarantees a stable subscription fee, that they can share with their friends or family members in a simple and straightforward way. Moreover, in case they are not using the service, the users can simply get their money back or even profit from selling the NFTs. We wish to enable everyone to efficiently manage their subscriptions and, eventually, to make the digital subscription market fairer and more equitable.”


To learn more about Revuto, check out their official website. You can also find updates on their official channels, including Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.