Roaring Kitty Hits $1 Billion With GameStop (GME): Can You Replicate The Gains With Bonk (BONK) And ETFSwap (ETFS)?

Roaring Kitty Hits $1 Billion With GameStop (GME): Can You Replicate The Gains With Bonk (BONK) And ETFSwap (ETFS)?

Famed meme stock investor Keith Gill, popularly known as Roaring Kitty on the X platform, headlines the crypto industry as he hits a whopping $1 billion in profits from his early investments in GameStop (GME).

Market experts now tout ETFSwap (ETFS) and Bonk (BONK) as the next undervalued altcoin gems with a high potential of replicating the 5000x gains of GameStop’s (GME) bullish rally and creating new crypto millionaires in the coming weeks.

ETFSwap (ETFS) To Scale Investors’ Portfolios With 5000x Gains As Roaring Kitty Steps Into Presale 

Top DeFi utility token, ETFSwap (ETFS), headlines the crypto industry as Roaring Kitty, a famous crypto investor who made $1 billion profits from investments into GameStop (GME),  makes another smart investment move leveraging the ETFS viral presale to amplify gains. At press time, a whopping $200 million capital investment from smart investors is forecasted by top crypto analysts to enter into the ETFSwap viral presale in the coming weeks, with Roaring Kitty being a major shareholder. 

The news of Roaring Kitty’s newly found investment interests in the ETFSwap (ETFS) presale is observed to have a bullish skyrocketing effect on the trading volume of the ETFS token as retail, smart money, and big whales troop in numbers to profit from life-changing gains in the coming weeks of its token launch. The token is programmed to replicate the groundbreaking 5000x price rallies and gains of GameStop (GME) stock alongside Bonk (BONK), providing early presale investors with an unmatched value on their investments.

ETFSwap (ETFS) is an innovative DeFi platform which leverages blockchain technology to create a world-class cryptocurrency and tokenized ETF trading platform for smart investors and traders to build wealth. The DeFi trading platform features a host of prized cryptocurrencies and tokenized ETF investment options, only to be seen on top crypto trading platforms. The highly prized tokenized ETFs listed for trading on the ETFSwap (ETFS) DeFi platform include fixed-income, leveraged, commodity and market ETFs. 

These prized ETFs cover highly productive traditional ETF sectors, including agriculture, energy, healthcare and technology. Smart investors and traders are provided with a 50x leverage as support to scale investment returns up to 50,000% when they swap the ETFS token for desired crypto and ETF investment options. The ETFS utility token brilliant swap feature functions at lightning speeds, allowing crypto and tokenized ETF investors to quickly get into profitable trades and investments.

With a high focus on the profitability of its investors, ETFSwap (ETFS) goes ahead to provide an asset staking feature, which enables smart traders and investors to earn a passive income and build wealth by staking assets and providing liquidity to the platform. The rewards for staking assets on the ETFSwap (ETFS) DeFi platform go as high as an 87% APR yield. Asset staking and yield farming on the ETFSwap (ETFS) DeFi platform come with zero investment risks for participating investors.

ETFSwap (ETFS) is a highly secure and safe trading platform with smart contracts audits by top global security firm CyberScope. 

GameStop (GME) Bullish Rally Sends Roaring Kitty Investment Shares To $1Billion

GameStop (GME), the popular meme stock that rallied massively in 2021 owing to a short squeeze from Roaring Kitty, is in the news after experiencing a bullish mega rally that shook the global financial markets. Keith Gill, popularly known as Roaring Kitty, is seen as a winner in the GameStop (GME) mega rally as his investment shares in GME rise to the $1 billion mark. 

GameStop (GME), which brought bullish sentiments to the crypto markets in 2021, is repeating history as news of its bullish rally and profit returns to investors circulates in the crypto markets. 

According to trading view data reports, GameStop (GME) trades at $28.22 at press time.

GameStop (GME) Bullish Rally Sends Roaring Kitty Investment Shares To $1Billion

Bonk (BONK) Among Altcoins Forecasted To Make Crypto Millionaires 

Bonk (BONK) is a Solana-based dog meme cryptocurrency garnering the attention of retail and big whales in the crypto industry. Despite Bonk’s (BONK) relatively new entry and feature in the crypto markets, it has shown from its short-term rallies that it has the potential to scale massively.

Top crypto analysts have identified Bonk (BONK) as a contender among altcoins to rally massively in the forthcoming bull run. Bonk (BONK) and ETFSwap (ETFS) are altcoin gems touted by top crypto analysts as a must-have crypto to profit from life-changing gains. 

Bonk (BONK) trades at $0.00002921 at press time, according to coinmarketcap trading data.

Conclusion On ETFSwap And Bonk To Replicate Billion Dollar Investments Gains Of GameStop 

ETFSwap (ETFS) has a huge upside potential to rapidly scale portfolios of early investors into millions. Top crypto analysts tout ETFSwap (ETFS) alongside Bonk (BONK)  as the next GameStop (ETFS) to create crypto millionaires and billionaires from small investments.

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