RSTLSS x Claire Silver Merge Fashion, Art, and Technology in Pixelgeist

Claire Silver's new collection blends fashino, art, and technology

Claire Silver has fans and the larger art world itself eagerly awaiting her newest collection. The digital artist is releasing her never-before-seen collection Pixelgeist on the RSTLSS platform tomorrow. What can we expect from Claire Silver’s newest project?

Claire Silver's new collection blends fashino, art, and technology

Claire Silver’s new collection Pixelgeist comes out tomorrow
Image Credit: RSTLSS

What is Pixelgeist?

Pixelgeist combines fashion, art, and technology in both artwork and garment form. The collection centers around the concept of a Pixelgeist, described as “a digital entity that embodies the essence of an AI soul trapped within a portrait, resulting in stunning digital art pieces that are both haunting and beautiful.” It will feature Silver’s trademark style in which she uses AI to produce beautiful pieces of generative art that have made her one of the leading artists to emerge from Web3.

The collection will have a total collection size of 2,136 unique pieces.  It features six different garments,  each one patterned with Silver’s artwork. Silver created 183 exclusive new pieces for the collection to give the collection impressive depth and variety.

The artworks will be split into different edition sizes.   The edition sizes range from 1/1, 1/3/ 1/6, 1/9, and 1/17. This approach will create rarities within the collection and set different entry prices for secondary buyers.

Charli Cohen, the CEO of RSTLSS, states, “Pixelgeist is a true testament to the boundless possibilities of blending fashion, art, and technology. RSTLSS and Claire Silver have created groundbreaking collaboration that blurs the lines between these industries and showcases the incredible capabilities of AI. This partnership is not only innovative but deeply personal, allowing collectors to influence the final product. We’re excited to push the boundaries of creativity and aesthetics with this collection and to continue to give people the freedom to express their identities freely and fluidly everywhere.”

Claire Silver has established herself as a top creator in Web3

Claire Silver’s work blends art and technology to create her trademark style
Image Credit: Claire Silver

How Can Collectors Purchase the Claire Silver Artwork?

RSTLSS is rewarding its existing fans and community members with priority access to Pixelgeist. RSTLSS KEY and RSTLSS X CrypToadz holders can mint at 2pm tomorrow, five hours ahead of the public drop at 7pm. Additionally, RSTLSS KEY holders will also receive a rigged RSTLing or Claire Silver avatar. Furthermore, collectors can also use the NFT in either PFP or garment modes.
The minting process will also come with a twist. Users will be able to influence the final product. During mint, the RSTLSS platform will pose two questions to each minter. The answers provided will determine the artwork and garment that’s produced. After the entire collection is minted, each piece will come with a random accessory derived from the user’s answer during the mint process. By doing so, Silver hopes to create a sentimental connection between the minter and the pieces that they receive.
KEY holders can mint for 0.13 eth, RSTLSS Toadz holders can mint for 0.15 eth, and the public mint will run at 0.2 eth. The collection will drop exclusively on the RSTLSS platform. There is significant interest in the collection, so fans are advised to use urgency to have a chance of collecting Silver’s work.

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