RTFKT Animus NFT Project: What Is It All About?

This week, all eyes turned to RTFKT as the project teased its upcoming NFT drop: Animus. On October 8th, RTFKT‘s founding team posted a video sneak peek that shows three characters strolling around in a futuristic environment. Some say it’s an Otherside collaboration via their Koda avatars, others think it’s a new collection – but who is right after all? Here’s everything you need to know:

image of a CloneX character from RTFKT's new Animus NFT project trailer

RTFKT’s latest video trailer for its upcoming Animus project features Kodas, digital eggs, and other elements that got everybody’s attention. Credit: YouTube

What is RTFKT’s Animus NFT project?

Truth be told, nobody knows for certain. From what we know so far, though, Animus is seemingly an upcoming NFT drop from the popular RTFKT. The project shared a 30-second video this week showing a CloneX avatar walking alongside a large creature similar to an Alpha Shark character.

As the two turn around, a smaller creature is waving to say “Hi”. The CloneX character makes a hand gesture inviting them to join her on a walk. The most exciting part? The small character appears to be a Koda – the popular NFT avatar from Yuga Labs’ Otherside!

In the comment section of the video, RTFKT mentioned the new drop will arrive in 2023. However, the “EggDrop for Clones” will drop in November – but what could it hide?

image of a Koda NFT from the Otherside metaverse showing up in RTFKT's video trailer for Animus

The video trailer features what appears to be a Koda NFT from the Otherside metaverse too. Credit: YouTube

How did the NFT community react?

Many NFT collectors believe that the large creature in RTFKT’s Animus video is in fact a grown-up version of the baby Koda. This could either suggest evolving NFTs, or a new airdrop to RTFKT or Otherside holders.

In fact, some collectors even went a step further and imagined a Pokemon-inspired game launched by RTFKT and the Otherside meta.  For now, all we know is the announcement raised RTFKT’s NFT floor prices in a heartbeat!

For example, the Clone X collection with Takashi Murakami had its floor price surge by over 50% after the Animus trailer, DappRadar data showed. Surprisingly, the collection has even gone up to the second position in DappRadar’s 7-day trading volume charts, surpassing the MAYC and CryptoPunks.

digital image of RTFKT's upcoming digital eggs drop

Accordingly, the first Animus NFT drop will happen in November of this year. Credit: YouTube

Why would RTFKT join forces with Otherside?

RTFKT is undoubtedly one of the most successful creative NFT studios to date. Founded in 2020, the project uses new technologies such as AR to create outstanding 3D collectibles.

However, it was only in 2021 that RTFKT became a leading producer of NFT wearables. For instance, its debut collection of digital sneakers amassed over $3M in February 2021 alone!

This outstanding achievement attracted iconic brands in the industry, including Nike. By December 2021, the giant shoemaker confirmed it had purchased RTFKT – and the brand has been growing ever since.

If RTFKT has indeed partnered with the Otherside metaverse for its drop, Animus might become a leading NFT project. After all, the 3D virtual world has been attracting thousands of players monthly by offering an MMORPG gaming experience.

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