RTFKT Japan Fans Rejoice: Special Event in Tokyo Announced!

Next-gen avatar and metaverse project RTFKT announces special event in Tokyo, Japan! The announcement follows a series of tweets announcing their latest project – Project Animus. The announcement tweet contains a one-of-a-kind “Murakami Animus”, a tribute to iconic Japanese artist and RTFKT proponent Takashi Murakami. Read on to learn more about the mysterious new project and the event!

a logo of the project ANIMUS by RTFKT alongside the special event poster

Project Animus & RTFKT Special Event: Explained

RTFKT prepares to launch its latest project, codenamed Animus, to introduce unique creatures with special powers and abilities. These creatures will assist players, known as Clones, in their adventures and even create their own adventures. Project Animus will launch publicly in 2023 through a public sale. To add to this, early access is open to Clone X owners through an Animus EGG Claim.

The brand also announces a special RTFKT event during the GEISAI festival in Tokyo. GEISAI is an art festival aimed at supporting young artists, with artist Takashi Murakami as an honorary guest. The GEISAI event happens on April 30th at Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 1. On the other hand, the RTFKT event is a side event adjacent to GEISAI, at Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 2. More details about the special Animus project may be announced closer to the RTFKT Special Event on April 30th, 2023.

Clone holders claim an EGG for FREE, paying only for gas. Moreover, they will be able to interact with their EGGs and Animi in more ways than those who do not own a Clone. However, newcomers can also participate in Project Animus through public sales or by purchasing an EGG on secondary markets. RTFKT makes it clear that you must protect your EGGs until the Incubation Systems go live in 2023.

We do not yet have the specific dates of the public sale. The final supply of EGGs has also not yet been defined, as it will depend on future narratives of RTFKT. However, the initial EGG supply claimable by Clones is capped at 20,000. The total final supply will not exceed 40,000. Claiming remains open until the start of the public sale.

More About the Project

Project Animus takes a unique approach, different from the trait-based rarity systems of other PFP projects. Each Animus creature is from a different Species, Design features, and Elements. EGG Incubation is a special program for those who take good care of their EGGs as the Clones go on their adventures, unlocking rewards and access to exclusive experiences.

The reveal takes place in 2023 after the complete public sale. As an EGG holder, it is important to take care of your EGG while you wait. The Private Mint Checker on the RTFKT website will allow you to check whether a specific Clone has claimed an EGG by inputting the Opensea URL. The snapshot for Mint Vial holders will also happen after the Clone EGG claim period concludes.

To claim your EGG sooner, it is suggested that you reveal your Clone. Alternatively, stay tuned for more details via the official RTFKT Twitter.

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