RTFKT x Nike AR Hoodie Set To Drop This Week

Nike x RTFKT NFT Hoodie

On Friday, RTFKT Studios, the creators of CloneX, teased the RTFKT x Nike AR hoodie that is set to drop soon. Particularly, as was later announced, the hoodie will drop as an NFT on July 21st as a private mint available to holders of previous collections only. To clarify, Nike is the parent organisation of RTFKT. This came after it bought the company for an undisclosed fee.

Nike x RTFKT NFT Hoodie

A preview of the upcoming Nike x RTFKT Studios AR Hoodie.

RTFKT x Nike AR Hoodie

It was announced on Friday via Twitter that the RTFKT x Nike ‘AR hoodie’ will launch in 4 days, Thursday, July 21st. The company announced that the first RTFKT x Nike hoodie, which follows on from their sneakers and other work together, will include an NFT and forging of a physical product. As expected, access will be granted for a select amount of ‘CloneX and RTFKT x Nike Dunk Genesis CryptoKicks holders only.

The only remarks on the upcoming collaboration from Nike were replies of the ‘fire emoji’ and ‘heart emoji’. These were commented on in the announcement Tweet.

Unfortunately, the comments from fans regarding the Nike x RTFKT hoodie were certainly not positive. They were frustrated over the lack of supply from this collaboration. And also the fact CloneX holders cannot get access to the hoodie NFT and physical product. One Twitter user, @sentos026, complained:

I don’t understand why Nike cannot print 20000 hoodies…. We are not only the holder, we are RTFKT supporter(s). On average we paid 40000$ for a Clonex. I don’t really understand this limited supply.” Another, @GuyImprov added: “Every single Genesis holder needs to get a mint 100%”.

The Work Together so Far

In April of this year, Nike, Inc. acquired RTFKT Studios, the company behind the highly successful CloneX NFT collection. They did this as they looked to get further into the expanding market of NFTs and web3.

Since then, the companies have worked together on a few Nike x RTFKT Studios projects. This has been great for RTFKT as they have such a big company as Nike guiding them through. As well as this, providing financial support to them to develop their NFTs and the fashion NFT space in general.

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