Sad Girls Bar NFT Project, by a Female Artist, Stands Out in Monochrome

Hand-drawn, Monochrome and Stylish. These three words perfectly encapsulate the 10,000 carefully curated Sad Girls Bar NFTs by Female Artist Glam Beckett. Whoever said being sad can’t be fab hasn’t seen the featured art and aesthetic of this sold-out Collection.

Sad Girls Bar NFT Project

The captivating art and narrative of this NFT Collection easily stand out in a see of animal-themed NFT Collectibles. Credit: Sad Girls Bar

You’ll know that you’re deep into NFTs when your Twitter timeline is basically a zoo with all the animal-themed NFT Collectibles. Dogs, Cats, Apes, Elephants, Dolphins and many more have all been turned into an NFT Collection. With this current landscape, a cool sad goth girl easily stands out.

The Art and Aesthetics of The Sad Girls Bar NFT Project

The Sad Girls Bar smart contract was launched on August 23rd, 2021 and the final of the 10,000 NFTs were minted late September 26th. As of press time, the total tradeable volume on OpenSea has reached 1100 ETH or almost $3.8 Million. Meanwhile, the floor price has climbed to 0.116 ETH, which is a treat for the early believers because the mint price was only 0.07 ETH.

Sad Girls Bar NFT

The art is very relatable and makes being “sad” look cool! Credit: Sad Girls Bar

The Collection features 350+ traits, mostly related to physical features and the general appearance of the NFT characters. For example, some Sad Girls have piercings, holding a drink or pizza or sporting a crazy hairstyle. The common denominator is that all combinations are beautiful and give off the same DGAF poetic vibe.

The overall aesthetic of the Collection clearly portrays a relatable narrative. As one NFT holder puts it, “They’re drinking a martini, having a rich internal dialogue, and can’t be bothered to text you back. You’re lucky you even have their number in the first place.”

Meet The Artist: Glam Beckett

There’s a consensus in the community that what drew them in is the art because “it is really something else.” The flawless art and concept is the handiwork of independent Russian artist Glam Beckett. According to her official website, her artworks and designs are influenced by the themes of love and death, melancholy and loneliness, dark romance and witchy vibes. So the theme of the Collection is right up her alley.

The dark aesthetics are actually refreshing considering the current landscape and existing Collectible projects.

Glam Beckett

Glam Beckett is the creative force behind the art and concept in the NFT Collection. Credit: Society6

NFT holder Jamesin Seidel shared why he decided to get purchase his very own Sad Girl NFT. He said, “They feel cool, detailed, and carry a certain depth. The “I don’t need to try” and “I don’t care” attitude that we all aspire to, accompanied by a “what am I doing here” feeling that we can all relate to.”


The project shared its five-milestone roadmap on the website. 10% achievement triggered the team to wipe all the tears in the Sad Girls Bar. Then, the project allocated 1 ETH giveaway and five random Sad Girls BAR NFTs for the early adopters. Meanwhile, at 25% sold, the promise is to launch the next project, Sad Girls companions – Skeletounges.

50% opens up the chance for NFT holders to own merchandise inspired by the Collection. Hoodie, t-shirt, bag or sticker pack will be up for grabs depending on the number of Sad Girls the NFT holder owns.

Since the Collection hit 100%, the focus now is to promote its advocacy. The team commits to transfer 10 ETH to support “Women Side by Side.” This is a peer support program for women delivered by Mind and Agenda, the alliance for women and girls at risk. So beyond the aesthetics, the team wants to affirm that “being sad or upset is OK.” However, conditions after emotional burnouts, self-harm episodes or suicide thoughts often need a helping hand, support, and attention.

The ultimate dream of the project is to open the Sad Girls Bar in the Metaverse. The leading candidates are, of course, Decentraland and The Sandbox. With how things are going, it looks like this dream is already on the horizon.

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