Samsung Launches Discord Server To Drop NFTs To Early Adopters

Today, Samsung US took another step into its NFT journey with an official Discord server. The server officially went live at 8:37 am ET.

Accordingly, the giant electronics producer will even reward early adopters with exclusive giveaways, perks, and more. All in all, the company aims to create a loyal base of NFT investors and tech enthusiasts.

digital poster of the Samsung and Discord collaboration for its Discord server

Samsung US continues its web3 progress by launching its own Discord server. Credit: Samsung

Why did Samsung launch its own Discord server?

On June 7th Samsung US launched its own Discord server. In short, the company wanted to create a virtual space for its fans, content creators, and gamers to connect:

“Virtual communication platforms, like Discord, enable us to cultivate a community where both current enthusiasts and brand new fans can unite,” says Samsung US CMO Michelle Crossan-Matos. As these enthusiasts anticipate an NFT drop, exclusive product giveaway, or virtual event, we get to explore this new frontier alongside them.”

Surprisingly, Samsung will reward early adopters of its server. For example, users will gain access to digital/physical products and special promotions.

Moreover, the Samsung Discord community will be able to attend hybrid events organized by the US company. The special events will take place in the Samsung New York store, as well as virtually.

Twitter screenshot of a message written by Samsung US on its new Discord server

Early adopters of the Discord server will gain access to exclusive products and experiences. Credit: Samsung US

The company’s NFT journey continues

Samsung first tapped into NFTs last summer when it collaborated with Sotheby’s for an NFT auction. Earlier this year, the company surprised the world with its smart TV NFT integration. Accordingly, Samsung joined forces with Nifty Gateway to develop the first smart TV NFT-dedicated platform.

Remember: you can join the Samsung Discord server by June 10th to become an early adopter!

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