Sappy Seals Launch an AI Meme Machine For NFT Holders

Top NFT project Sappy Seals leverage the power of AI to bring you MEME MACHINE – a digital generative meme platform! Earlier today, the Seals announced the launch of this project via a video on their official Twitter page. Moreover, to celebrate the launch of this initiative, the NFT project has also airdropped every holder a soulbound NFT. Read on to learn more about this awesome new tool.

How The Sappy Seals Community Is Changing Meme Culture

Earlier today, Sappy Seals NFT project took to Twitter to announce the launch of their latest meme endeavor. The web3 meme culture pioneers showcased a video of their Seal avatars during launch. The video sees a beloved Seal being fed a rainbow and carry certain items through a “meme machine” to generate new, culturally relevant  pictures. Towards the end though, there is also an additional soulbound token airdrop announcement for all Sappy Seal holders. The Meme Machine platform aims to take “NFT memes and digital identity to the next level.”

The generative AI memes are unique to each NFT. The new tech makes things super easy and also classifies each of the personalized images to cater to each NFT holder. The premier tool for Meme Machine is a Google Chrome extension called Sappy React. The tool ups holders’ Twitter game by providing a vast library of standalone and other meme-packs custom made for each NFT! The tailored memes will also change depending on what NFT the recipient is using. Users can simply click their seal profile picture on Twitter and instantly access a variety of iconic memes.

The Sappy Seals MEME MACHINE google chrome extension in action, being used on Twitter to react to different posts using the holders NFT

Meme Machine in action: Use your NFT to react to Twitter!

How Does the Meme Machine Work?

On the official announcement thread, the project states that “Meme Machine is starting off small and simple, with the grander intent to compensate and help grow community members that aid the decentralized IP-building process. We have numerous pathways mapped out for the further development of this product.” 2023 seems setting up to be the year of the “reply-guy” on NFT Twitter, and this tool allows Sappy Seal holders to edge out the competition!

Furthermore, Sappy Seals also say that they have future plans for a Meme Editor – a meme creation suite for newbies and AI Meme Generation, which means automation tools and creative inspiration. The project is also exploring innovations around Market-2-Earn strategies. With this, the project aims to leverage NFT communities as massive decentralized marketing agencies. Moreover, the team has also opened up a new collaborative Discord forum. In the new forum, users can discuss their own ideas, experiment with the team, and give feedback. Following the announcement, the team airdropped “The Key of the Faithful” soulbound tokens to all holders. Lastly, Sappy Seals also state that the Meme machine project will extend for any non-seals in the future as well.

More About Sappy Seals

A true bear market success story, Sappy Seals are NFT meme pioneers in web3. Sappy Seals is a collection of 10,000 adorable seal NFTs with a home on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a community-driven project, with a focus on expanding the metaverse.

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